Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Soap & Glory Review - LOVES IT

So as you guys know, I picked up Soap & Glory's Flake Away Spa Body Polish.

I've used lots of different body exfoliators such as St. Ives and one from Avon. Flake Away blows them all away. It has subtle exfoliators that don't hurt to rub on your skin, but are definitely powerful enough to get all that dead skin off. During this dry winter, it's definitely a must to have something getting that dry, flaky skin off. But it's so much more than just an exfoliant! Have you guys ever had a body treatment at the spa? You know how it leaves your whole body in this remarkably soft and moisturized state that you wish you could have at home? This totally does it! It's insane how I can go from having scaly skin, to the most amazing skin in the world with this stuff!! Not to mention is smells amazing! It's impossible to explain just how soft your body will be, it's amazing! I am completely blown away by this stuff, and it's going to be a forever product!

I definitely recommend this stuff to everyone, especially for winter! I'm going to be trying more of their products soon! I've been unimpressed with my current pore fighting wash (Boire) so I'm definitely going to try out the Scrub Your Nose In It wash to help minimize the size of pores. I'm also going to be trying The Righteous Butter, Slimwear Balm and Clean On Me shower gel. I've read great things about all 3 products, and can't wait to try more from this line.

If you have a chance, check out the website, I'm sure they have something you need! I promise you won't be disappointed, this brand is amazing! Definitely compares to high end brands - even spa's! - for a great price! Basically everything is $9.99-$14.99 CAD. They also sell this brand at Shopper's Drug Mart!


Exfoliating Tips! - While exfoliating removes dead skin and dirt, keeping your skin cleaner and healthier, try not to use exfoliators more than twice a week. While a softer exfoliant is great to use almost everyday, more course products can be harsh if used everyday. Always remember to lotion up, no matter how soft you feel after!

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