Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dollarama Bargains!

I've wanted to do a post on some great things I've found from Dollarama for quite a while. I've found the most amazing deals there, on SO many different beauty products. I'm not going to include any pictures, because I have so much. Not to mention, nothing costs more than $2.

First off, you can buy so many essentials there. Things you shouldn't be paying more than a $1 or $2 for:

Giant bags of cotton balls - Seriously, your going to use it to wipe off mascara and throw it out. Why pay more than $1?
Make-up wedges and sponges - You can buy huge bags of these that are a mix of wedges and disc sponges. You get about 20-30 in a bag. At MAC, your going to be paying upwards of $7 for these.
Feminine Hygene Products - Yes, they sell menstrual pads, and no, they aren't poor quality. In fact, the wrapper around the actual pad is the EXACT same as Always. They have them in all different absorbency's.
Shampoo and Conditioner - TRESemme, Dove, and Garnier!
Hair Products - Got2B, Garnier, Sunsilk, Salon Selectives, even AXE hair gels! They also sell serums by CharlesWorthington, John Frieda and Chemistry Salon Labs.
Deodorants - They sell quite a few different ones by Dove, I have the Dove Pro-Age and two of the Ultimates; Radiant Silk and Smooth Casmere.
Body Creams - I've picked up quite a few things by Nivea, including things from the Goodbye Cellulite line. They also sell great stuff like Jergen's, St.Ives, Dove and Goats Milk. For the face, they sell Olay Regenerist as well.
Tools - Tweezers, eyelash curlers, applicators, bobby pins, hair elastics, nail files, nail clippers, razors.. Everything! They even sell brand named brushes, curlers and sharpeners by e.l.f. Professional. I also picked up this super handy motorized filer for manicures and pedicures with 5 different attachments

In addition to all your essentials, there's tons of other great products there!
Body Sprays and Parfumes - I've picked up those mini four packs of both Calgon and The Healing Garden, along with full sized bottles. They also sell imitation parfume. There's a few that don't quite smell great, but I bought the knock off of Stella by Stella McCartney, most definitely the same scent! That's a difference of $1 and $80 for a bottle!
Waxing and Hair Removal - They have it all! Veet, Nair, Andrea.. From wax strips, creme remover's, even pre-wax spray!

Some other great things I've picked up that I was surprised to find:
Fake Eyelashes - Such a steal. I spend almost $10 on packs of these, and I bought these for $1.50. I suggest splurging on eyelash glue though, you always want something good, new, and not dried up.
Bump-It's - Yes, they sell brand named Bump-It's. These are what, $20 on TV, $10 at Claire's? Such a great deal. I got both the blond and dark ones, worth it to stock up now in case I dye later!

Some great brands I've spotted that have a lot of different or good products:
Sally Hansen - From Lip plumper, smile brightener, cuticle massage oils, nail polish, to make-up.
Maybelline - They sell XXL Mascara for $2! That's a $6 save!
Bonnebell - Everyone LOVES Lipsmackers! They sell quite a few different ones as well. They have the classic ones, soda flavours, jumbo sticks, liplites, the liquids, lip frosting, vitaglossO2 and the squeezies. I've also picked up quite a few of the EyeDevotions, which are a stick of creme-to-powder eyeshadows.
Dove - They sell shampoo, conditioner, different deodorants. They have creams like Energy Glow, Re-Energizing Night Lotion and Pro-Age.

I've also found great jewelery, socks, thongs, flipflops, crocs, pantyhose, mittens.. I could really go on all day about the thing I find in that store. I absolutely love it! Not to mention my shower and make up storage unit is all organized by my great finds at Dollarama. I'm going to keep you updated on great finds as they come. I make trips there every few weeks, and there was 3 stores in town, so I'm sure I'll be updating you guys on some great finds soon!

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