Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Love Deux Lux!

I came across this amazing website, http://www.deuxlux.com/ (click shop to see the goodies)! They have some really amazing stuff, very original but trendy. I really like big leather bags with the metal accents, but the sparkly stuff is a-maz-ing! They have great quality stuff, and even though there isn't a huge stock, they have lots of different lines and styles. Prices are a little high, but nothing insane.

Super cute things I really need, and you should consider buying too:
- Seychelle Clutch in Rose Gold - I really like the design of these. I started making jewelery and bags a while back, and the whole clunky gems, pearls and big metal accents are my favorite all jumbled onto something!
- Sparkle Baby Train Case in Twinkle & Cosmetic Pouch in Cosmo - I love sparkles so much! These are super cute, and have the multi-shade sparkles. These two colours are amazing!

Anyways, hope you guys find something cute as well! I'll definitely be ordering soon, let you guys know how it goes!

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