Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Avon Calling :) + Tons of Skincare Freebies and REVIEWS!

Hey guys! So I've been super interested in Avon, the quality of the products, and well ... Selling it! I'm super excited to be a representative, not to mention all the new products and chances to review! After a long discussion on skin products, my mom told me how she couldn't use her Avon products. It's not because there's anything wrong with them, but my mom has the most sensitive skin ever, everything makes her break out, and we're always on the search for a perfect product. Anyways, she was kind enough to give me her whole collection, about $400 worth, of Avon skincare products. The best part: Totally full bottles! I've tried a few out, and some of these I've already been using for years! Read on to hear my thoughts, reviews, and some internet research on just how great these products are! I'm super excited to of had the chance to use all these, especially to help give me seller points along the road.

Just a tip: Most young girls are lucky enough to not have wrinkles. I'm 22, and have fine lines (crow's feet) on my eyes, and deep nasolabial line (the "parentheses" around the mouth). I know it's not quite a huge deal yet, but I'd like to stop and repair these problems young. Another great tip: Most "anti-aging" creams have many more great attributes than reducing fine lines, such as repairing sun damage, evening skin tones, reducing acne and blemishes, and are AMAZING hydrators. If your current creams aren't working for you, try an anti-aging cream out!

Avon Solutions Tinted Moisture Shield SPF 15: This stuff isn't too heavy, and seems to be a good tinted moisturizer. I've read more good reviews than bad. Good points: good coverage for a moisturizer, great for days you want to skip foundation, great for very dry skin Bad points: can be oily, doesn't work well with make-up.

Avon Hydra Gel Intensive Moisture Booster: I used to use this back in the day. It's a very thick gel, and is great for dry or flaky spots on your face. It can also be used as a face mask. I prefer using it as a mask, as it is kind of sticky as a moisturizer.

Anew Ultimate Age Repair Day Cream SPF 25: At first, it seemed a little greasy, but the greasy feeling didn't last more than a few minutes. My face definitely looks more glowy and radiant than most face creams I've experienced. Also, can I mention that I love that it's SPF 25? I'm super pale, so having extra SPF on the face is always needed. I searched high and low for a bad review, and there was none to be found. Some good points: pores shrink, evens skin tones, super hydrates your face without causing breakouts and repairs dry patches, plumps out fine lines... Lists go on and on and on! The only 'bad' things I have to say, is I'm not huge on the smell and packaging.

Anew Clinical Advanced Wrinkle Corrector: I find these wrinkle creams are like botox, it only works for certain stages of wrinkles. If you have heavy wrinkles, say that of the average 65-70 year old, these won't work! They are most definitely aimed at the 25-50 age group. I've read this to be a good moisturizer, evens skin tones, stops blemish.. but the best factor I've read is the help for sun damage. I've read a few reviews that this stuff doesn't work, but I read lots saying it does what a good cream should - plump your skin enough to remove the appearance of fine lines.

Anew Perfect Eye Care Cream SPF 15: I've actually been using this product since I was about 16. Like I said earlier, I've had a few lines and little wrinkles for a long time. I found it to work great, got rid of dark circles and really made my eyes POP! I haven't been using this the last few years, and sure enough, all these problems came back! So I'm excited to have another jar of this. The internet reviews have also told me this does it's job decently. It helps keep fine lines away for a small period of time, and is a great moisturizer, and best of all, doesn't interfere with make-up! However, it doesn't really cause more impressive effects over time, it's a very temporary effect after use. I'm personally attracted to trying the Clinique All About Eyes, so if this cream isn't working for you, I suggest giving that a try.

Anew Force Extra Triple Lifting Night Cream: Another cream with insanely good reviews. I'm actually starting to wonder why women even use the high end brands? Good points: Firms and plumps, fine lines appear softer, skin feels hydrated and soft in the morning. Bad points: Quite sticky (but not oily).

Anew Clinical Deep Crease Concentrate with Bo-Hylurox
: This is the product I'm most excited about. I HATE the creases around my mouth, and I want them gone! I haven't used much of this yet, but it's such a neat cream. It's gold and sparkly, and just feels great to rub in. Even though I can't say much about this product quite yet, I have heard and read nothing but great things!

My over-all recommendation: Go buy some Avon products! Some of these products are quite expensive, but you can get insanely good deals on them during sales. Aside from the eye cream, I've read nothing but great reviews for all these products. It blows my mind that they aren't more known, and I really hope this gets some of the word out there! Girls - Start using these products in your skin care regimen, and I swear, when your in your 40's, you'll thank me!

I 100% promise to do another review when the products run out, and whether or not I'll be purchasing more. As it stands now, there's quite a few that are going to be keeps for me!

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