Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lancome Absolue Fond De Teint (Foundation)

To this day, I will recommend this to everyone once. I'm really glad I'm re-posting this (since I've used the whole jar) because I have so many improvements to my review to make!

Before you get your heart set on this, it was $72 (CAD) before tax. Despite "so-so" reviews I've read, I found this stuff too makes your skin look perfect and flawless, so luminous, it doesn't look like your wearing make-up, you'll look like a porcelain doll (in your correct shade, it doesn't make you white, obviously). The other big draw in for me was how it went beyond full-coverage. Not only does your skin tones become perfectly even, but over time you will notice your skin tones always perfect, even without it on your face. It's supposed to be for older women, but it honestly made my face perfect!!

The only draw back it has is a low SPF. It's also only made for dry skin, yet contains silicone rather than oils that would provide more moisture.

My only downfall is it's lightest shade was a tad bit darker than my skin (before I used self tanner's I was extremely pale). You must definitely try it in the store, don't just get excited and buy one.

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