Thursday, January 6, 2011

Be Trendy For Less!

I've been super obsessed with two online stores lately. I usually don't like online shopping, but I can't help but look everyday at new items on these sites. I live in a small town with limited shopping. Sure, we have more "designer" stores, but everyone has the same thing, which isn't worth the hundreds of dollars your going to spend. These two websites I'm reviewing are super affordable, trendy, and best of all, no one at the club will have the same outfit as you!
I absolutely LOVE the dresses on this website. My main problem with dresses is that I can't go strapless, not until these dresses. Lots of them have built in bra's, and elastic around the bra line to keep things tight. A lot of the long V-necks also have built in bra's. There is so much to look at on this site, dresses, clubbing shirts, day shirts, skirts and shoes. Mostly everything ranges from $20-$40.
The absolute best website for shoe shopping, ever! I've used shoedazzle and wasn't completely amazed, so I'm glad I found this website! They have every kind of shoe or boot imaginable, plus clothes, swimsuits, lingerie, accessories and costumes. Almost everything is $20-$50, not to mention an amazing sale area with lots of great shoes for under $15. One thing I was pumped to find on here was monokini's with support. As I said before, I have large breasts (38D-DD, depending on the bra), so things that don't offer support are out of the question. These monokini's have the drawstring under the breasts to tie in the back, so you don't sag like in a regular one piece.

I love being able to get a whole new outfit (including shoes and accessories!) for under $100. It's great and affordable for special events, weddings, shags, even just a new outfit for a night out with the girls. It's great to be able to look like your wearing something designer, or look like a rockstar, without emptying the bank account.

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