Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Brush Collection!

So as you can see I have a decent collection. I'm going to do a small review on all my brushes. I use a large variety of brands, MAC, Quo, true you!, Clinique, Lancome, LaCrosse, Joe, E.L.F, even dollar store brands. I'll break it down into sections, face, eyes, liners, brows; so it'll be easier. Lets start, everything will be from left to right.
Foundation and Concealer Brushes:
MAC 109 SE - $38.50 CAD - This is used for small contours. I used it to set my foundation a little better. After applying my foundation, I use this in a circular motion to make sure I have no streaks in my foundation. Amazing brush!
- True You! Foundation Brush - $5 CAD - I put a line of foundation straight across this, dab it on my face, and basically paint in an up and down motion to apply my foundation. I don't like the synthetic feel of this brush, but I find it's the same with all foundation brushes.
- Joe Foundation Brush- $7 CAD - This brush is from Superstore's (also called Loblaws) new line of make-up. I use it the exact same way as the brush previous, except I find it's even more synthetic-ish, but for some reason I use it all the time. I recommend saving up and buying a higher end brand brush for foundation, as I'm not fond of either of these brushes.
- True You! Concealer Brush - $5 CAD - I put the smallest amount of concealer on the tip of the brush, and apply it under my eyes, and as needed on blemishes. I however do not use the brush to blend it in, I use my finger. I find it absorbs into the foundation better that way. As well, do not rub it in, dab it. Remember if it's visible still your powder will cover it. I find all these brushes to be simple and the same, so I recommend getting a cheaper one like I have. This brush does the job well.
- Joe Concealer Brush - $7 CAD - I use this brush the same as explained above, just as much as the other, and will recommend this brush to anyone as well!

Facial Powder Brushes:
e.l.f. professional Total Face Brush - $1 CAD - I lucked out and found this at Dollarama, and many other brushes by them. I use this brush for my face powder quite often, I go back and forth between this and my buffer, this I use with my light powder, the other I use with my darker powder. I put a generous amount of powder on the brush, and apply it in a circular motion to assure I have no lines. This brush can also be used for blush, which I find most powder brushes don't well. I highly recommend this brush, it's great!
- True You! Powder Brush - $5 CAD - I completely dislike this brush. It doesn't fan out in a circle the way I need it to, which means lines left over.
- Azziza Face Brush - $1 CAD - This is another Dollarama find. Unfortunately, it's small and doesn't do the trick quite as well as other brushes. If your in the store, I'd recommend grabbing an e.l.f. Total Face Brush (above) for the same price and much better quality.
- Joe Kabuki Brush - $9 CAD - This brush is great! I use it the same as the e.l.f. Total Face Brush, just for a different shade of powder (I wear a darker one in darker environments - bar, movies, fair..). I highly recommend this brush, it does blend much better than the e.l.f. Total Face Brush (I'm going to invest in another so both my powder brushes are one of these). This brush definitely competes well with the $60 one from MAC!!

Bronzer and Blush:
e.l.f. professional Bronzing Brush - $1 CAD - Another Dollarama find (did I ever mention I bought actual Bump-Its there? Yeah, deadly place!). I LOVE this brush!! This brand is great, I've seen these at Winner's for $5+. I apply my bronzer everywhere! Most people just do highlighting spots, but I'm pale, so I find I can use some kinds all over (unless they are too shimmery). I definitely recommend getting one!
- MAC 187 SE Duo Fibre Brush - $50.50 CAD - This brush is for light powders, emollient, cheeks and water based foundations, but I find it works best for blush. I can't wear blush to dark, and this applies it very lightly. It's very expensive, and I'd recommend trying something cheaper before splurging for this, as for a multi-use brush it isn't great, I find it's only good use is blush.

Eyeshadow Brushes:
- Joe Eye Crease Brush - $7 CAD - I love this brush! It was my second crease brush, my first was huge, and works better as a blending brush. I like that this is small and contoured to the shape of the eye crease. I used to use smudger and shader brushes for this purpose. I always get a perfect eye with this! To use a crease brush, simply close the lid, go from the outer corner, follow your crease line, all the way to the inner eye corner. You don't always have to come this far, but I usually do, as I wear my eyeshadow big.
- Annabelle A-8 Small Shader Brush - $8 CAD - This brush isn't that great for shading in your crease, but works great for popping out the outer corner more. I also use it after my eye is done for more highlighting on my lid after shading, as it's small and doesn't mess up your crease. Good brush, but uses can be accomplished by any regular eye brush.
- e.l.f. professional Eye Shadow Brush - $1 CAD - As you can tell, I have two of these in the picture. I use this for basic application on my lid. Decent brush, I recommend getting one, especially for the price.
- Lancome Blending Shadow Brush #17 - $30 CAD - I got this brush as a free gift for.. shopping too much. I don't really like it that much, I actually use a brush below (in blending or multi-use section) that was about $5 for that. I find this just not fluffy enough for the job of blending.
- this is just a random plushy brush, I actually just gave it to my daughter to play with.
- MAC 239 SE Shader Brush - $29 CAD - I hate this brush. It's so hard that it doesn't blend anything what so ever. I rarely use a shader brush, I just use my big fluffy LaCrosse Brush to blend, but I do have my heart on the MAC 214 Short Shader Brush. I rarely use highly pigmented bright colours, I feel if I did this brush would be more for me, but given I use neutral shimmer's most of the time, a big fluffy brush blends better for me. I do like it for blending lines, especially eyeliner lines for a smokey eye.
- Clinique Eye Shadow Brush - $18.50 CAD - I find this brush only to be useful when applying one colour on the whole lid, or the center. It's too big to work well near the inner corners. I wouldn't recommend buying one.
- Clinique Eye Contour Brush - $18.50 CAD - This brush is pretty good. It works well for blending, and works semi-good for creases. I didn't find it to work well on lines or eyeliner to create a smokey look.
- Quo Smudger Brush - $12 CAD - This brush is okay for blending shadow, but amazing for softening hard lines and bringing out a smokey eye! I highly recommend it.
- this is the second of the e.l.f. shadow brushes listed above
- Annabelle A-21 Large Shader Brush - $8 CAD - I love this brush for all over application! I find almost every brush can be a shader, but it takes a really good brush to be a great shadow brush.

Liner and Angled Brushes:
-Maybelline Gel Eyeliner Brush - $8 CAD - This came with the gel eyeliner. I've only used it once, and I was very impressed. I'm used to a fine point brush, which was much harder to learn. I had an easier time with this brush than I do after years with a fine point brush. I definitely recommend this as well as gel eyeliners!
- true you! angled brush - $5 CAD - I don't really like this brush. It's too bushy and not angled enough in my opinion.
- true you! Small Shader Brush - $5 CAD - This is in the wrong spot, but is small enough to be used with gels and under the eye, so that's okay. I also use this in the inner corners of my eyes. Pretty good brush, many uses!
- Quo Angled Liner Brush - $15 CAD - This brush is great! The hairs are tight and angled deep, perfect for liners and under the eye. Great brush!

Brow Brushes:
I'm not going to review each brow brush, as they all do the same this, same as lash brushes!! The first is Lancome, the second is True You! and the third is no name, and I use for trimming. The last brush is a Caryl Baker Visage Brow Definer Brush. I use this with my brow powder for filling in my brows. I don't really mind it, although I'd like to switch to a gel and proper brush, I don't like these hard brushes and the eyebrow powders.

Other Brushes:
- True You! Fan Brush - $5 CAD - This is the most versatile everything brush out there. It's great for applying blush for a soft, subtle look. It's great for cleaning up fallen eyeshadow, it just sweeps it away. It's great for evening out an area of powder that isn't there anymore, after clean up for instance. The round tip is great for blending as well. Last of all, I sometimes use it to highlight my face. It's basically an everything brush, and great for travelling or having in the purse. I originally got it for sweeping away eyeshadow that falls after application, but it's fantastic for everything!
- La Cross Premier - $12 CAD - I find this brush far too big for the crease, but it is AMAZING for blending!! It's definitely a favorite brush.

I know it's been a long post, but there it is, all my brushes! The only thing really missing is my eyelash curler, but I have a huge collection, and use them all the same. If you have any more questions about brushes and uses, please ask me!!

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