Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years! Mine was great, and I also celebrated a birthday. Which meant two great things: free stuff from Sephora, and a free facial + make-up application from Caryl Baker Visage! So pumped for both. Some bad news, I already lost my Maybelline Gel Eyeliner, which isn't that bad, since I bought the wrong colour.

So something I forgot to blog about at Christmas, I got a set of Calvin Klein Beauty, which had a 50ml bottle of the parfume, and a 100ml bottle of the luminous skin lotion. I absolutely LOVE it! I've never used those parfume lotions (aside from Victoria's Secret or Body Shop). I had scented a few before, but never purchased them because they didn't smell like anything. Well, once they are on your skin, whole different story!!

Also, while talking about lotions, I was at La Senza buying a double push up bra (I'll have to review that sometime, for now, just take my word that it's fabulous and buy one!), and got some new lotions. They are both from the Love line, I got Perfect Passion and Heart Song. Perfect Passion is peach flower, water lily and pineapple. It smells like candy! Heart Song is egyptian jasmine, apricot and passion fruit, and I find it smells a lot like strong flowers. Both creams have a very whipped feel to them, and leave my skin extremely silky. I also picked up the Heavenly Love Body Wash. I haven't used it yet because I'm waiting for my bottle of PS I Love You from Bath and Body Works to run out, but it smells like vanilla frosted cupcakes! Can't wait to use it. I really need to stop buying lotion, because I honestly have a million! I should do a lotion review one day!

I'm hoping to start doing a youtube channel this month. I just have a few things I need to figure out, and I think I need to view a few more channels (if that's possible!). It would just be SO much easier, plus I could do video's of my hauls and favorites, which I LOVE, and it would go much faster. Plus everyone loves video's over reading right?

Well, that's my post for today, take care everyone!

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