Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas (over due post!)

So I've been super busy with Christmas the last month, but I've been also been make-up crazy. Lots of stuff for christmas, boxing day sales, best friend moved away so I go hand me downs! Unfortunate make up news, I had really, really wanted the Lise Watier Jingle Bell Eyeshadow Palette, but my WHOLE city is sold out.

I got a few new things before christmas:
- Benefit All You Need Is Gloss Set - Comes with 3 double sided lipglosses. This was my holiday substitute for not getting the Lise Watier palette. I'm really loving the I'm With The Band shade, reminds me of my favorite Mac Lipglass in Dreamy. I definitely recommend getting this, pretty good bargain for $30. Came with Life On The A List, I'm With The Band, Who Are You Wearing, 24 K, Back To The Fuchsia, and Almost Famous. They all had a good scent/flavour except for Almost Famous.
- Too Faced Galaxy Glam in Cocoa Comet - A friend got me this as a early gift after I went on and on about the Galaxy Glam Magenta Moon shadow. I had never used the swirly colours like these before, and I'm glad I made the leap. It's a shimmery brown, with hints of light brown, champagne, and sky blue. I've been doing the gold/neutral look for a while, so these go great on the outer corner's to glam up the look a little. They were (hopefully still are) on sale for $10.50 at Beauty Express, I recommend getting a few, they are so versatile! They are so neutral, but have a very sheen hint of colour.
- Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara - I've been using Maybelline Lashblast since I got pink eye a few months back, and had to throw out almost 4 tubes of Lancome. It was okay, but I've always been a fan of Hypnose, and have been dying to try the new "Drama". I find it takes less coats than the normal Hypnose to get the long, voluminous, dramatic look. I've also realized that it impossible to get off, I was sick for a few days and didn't wash it off, and it looked the same after 3 days of sleep as the day I put it on. It definitely gives you the fake lash look, although Hypnose has always been great for that. I also like the new colour this comes in, "Excessive Black".
- Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer - I ran out of eyeshadow primer, and really needed some, and couldn't wait for a Sephora order for Urban Decay. I'm not as impressed with this as Urban Decay Primer Potion. It's much more oily, creases more, and is much too dark. I find it doesn't hold the make up in place nearly as good as Primer Potion either. I'll finish the bottle and re-review it, although I don't really think my opinion will change. Proves the point that when you find something you love, stick to it!

Santa was also great to me! I have yet to use my true you! Brush Set, but will review it in the future! It was a 6 piece set, blush, foundation, powder, lip and eyeliner brushes, and of course a brow brush. I got lots of new little Bonnebell Smackers, I can never have enough, they hide everywhere! Tons of flash lashes, nails, nail polish (lots from the OPI Nicole line).

Also picked up some awesome stuff for boxing day!
- Quo Minerals Matter Eye Duo in Blue Lagoon - I put this on as soon as I got home! I wasn't able to find pictures of any of the Quo makeup I got today, but I'll explain the best I can. These two colours don't really go together, but on their own are amazing! One is a shimmery blue/green (more emerald) with gold highlights in it, and the other colour is a black with gold sparkles. I've always been a sucker for the shimmery colours, especially blue/green combo's.
- Quo Couture Eyeshadow Duo's in Shadow Lady, Beyond Bliss and Knights Amour - I couldn't tell you which one is which, as they were on clearance ($12 marked down to $3) and all pulled out of their boxes. I grabbed all 3 and boxes to let you know what the names were. First palette: shimmery gold with a sparkle, and shimmery emerald with gold highlights and a sparkly effect. These two are gorgeous! They are two of my favorite shades, and go beautifully together! Second palette: Shimmery/sparkly dark pink, and sparkly/shimmery black. I don't really wear these colours anymore (well, I use black), but it's a very cute combo, and a very innocent light shimmery pink that would go with anything! Last palette: shimmery dark purple and shimmery silver. These two are very like the last palette, just a few shades different. Not sure what I think of the silver, but the purple is gorgeous!

All Quo make-up is Canadian exclusive. They are very vibrant, long lasting shadows, and all together a great brand of make-up. I've also used their brushes, and love love love them! I use their eyeshadow liner brush and smudger. The lipgloss' are also soft, none sticky, and taste and smell amazing!!

I also got free samples of Icing's by Claire's new Flaunt Beauty line. I got a little tub of the dark red colour, called Guava. It's more of a gloss, but is definitely long lasting colour! I've been very impressed with this store's quality of make up. I had also picked up a 82 colour shimmer palette, smokey eye 4 shadow palette, and the neutral eye 4 shadow palette, both which I have been highly impressed by. The 82 colour palette has such rich colours, and are so shimmery!

I also made the switch today from liquid eye liner to cream eyeliner. I got the Maybelline New York EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Charcoal. I immediately used it as soon as I got home, and was so impressed! It goes on so much easier than liquid eyeliner, and blends and is so much easier to create different looks! I'm definitely excited about this new switch I've made! I definitely want to go pick another one up in Blackest Black while they are on sale, because they are so worth it!! I had thought the Charcoal would be a lot darker than it is.

I also got a few goodies from a friend who moved away, she was clearly out make up she never used and I scooped some up, mostly stuff I've never tried. She gave me 2 Beauty Rush Luminous Shadows (loose shadows by Victoria's Secret) in Emerald City and Blutopia. These are really light colours, but are insanely shimmery and sparkle! They are much like the Annabelle Pigment Dust (which we both happen to love), so shimmery and full of highlights! I'm definitely going to be running down to La Senza to get more. I have never tried N.Y.C before, and she gave me a neutral shadow duo in Duo de ville. One is brown, one is white, both have a very pearle look. As well, a pot of Smooth Mineral Loose Blush Powder in Almost Apricot. I'll definitely have to wait until summer to rock this, because it very dark. I'm also not used to the loose mineral powders and need practice. Something I had wanted to try for a while, L'Oreal's specialized eyeshadow colours for different eye colours. This one is for brown eyes (I have green eyes), but are neutral colours, so I'm excited to try them. I've loved the whole L'Oreal Wear Infinite line for years, but I'm sure I'll do a product line review eventually (that sounds fun!).

Anyways, I hope you all had a great christmas! New reviews soon to come, as well as full product line reviews!

Friday, November 5, 2010

October Favourites

My make-up has basically been the same as last month, but I have changed a few things, started using something else, or have just taken new a product. Anyways, here goes!

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Body Lotion - $6 - I swapped my summer flowers for chocolate. This stuff is also way lighter, and doesn't leave a greasy touch after (my bath and body works always did).

The Body Shop Almond Oil Intensive Hand Rescue - $15 - I bought this last year, and put it away for the summer. I have really bad cracking hands in the winter, and since it started getting cold, I started using it again. It has a really greasy texture, but my hands stay amazing all winter.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Blush - Healthy Glow - $17.99 CAD - I've already reviewed this as an amazing blush, but I started wearing it a lot more recently. It's really light, and I love it! The 5 strips gives you different strengths of shimmery pink.

Joico K-Pak - $16.99 each - I've been using it for a while now, and I recently bought two new products, so I'm using a combination of 4 products randomly when showering. I have the Shampoo, Conditioner, Intense Hydrator and Deep Penetrating Re-Constructor. I swear my hair would die without all this! I bleach and dye a lot, so I need to keep it super healthy. If you have slightly damaged hair, died hair, or just not so great hair in general, buy this stuff, it'll fix so many problems with your hair! My hair is much shinier and healthy!

Other than that, I've basically been using the same stuff as last month. Oh! I did however fall in love with a Diva Cup this month! To all the girls, look it up and buy one!

I also got this super cute leather owl purse from Claire's (which I will include a picture at some point of). I also got two new pairs of ripped skinny's from Stitches (which I swore I would never buy again because they always fall apart), and a sweater from Aeropostal because I promised my sister something from there, and sweaters were onsale for $7.50.

October Reviews

I wasn't make-up crazy at all in October. Here's some stuff I got, and if I liked it or not.

Some things I liked:

Caryl Baker Brow Powder, but as soon my eyebrows started to grow out (I suck at plucking, so I just wax them every few weeks) it looked silly. It also sucks that since I started dying blonde it's hard to have dark eyebrows.

e.l.f. brushes, Crease, Total Coverage and Bronzer brush. I really don't like the crease brush, but I really like the Total Coverage and Bronzer brush, I use them almost everyday now.

Joico K-Pak Conditioner and Intense Hydrator (I already used the Shampoo and Deep-Penetrating Re-constructor). I'm crazy and use all 4 at once, and my hair is amazing after! I bleach and dye it blonde, and it hasn't gotten lots of breaks or even changed really.

Some things I didn't like:
Rusk Biofoam Extreme Texture and Root Lifter. I haven't really noticed anything better about it then any other voluminous mousse, actually, it didn't really do anything for lift or volume.

Big Sexy Hair Big Shine Spray, which was terrible, it just make my hair greasy. I haven't used it while my hairs been curly, just straight. But it made me look like a grease ball.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Summer Haul + Reviews

So this summer I really cut down on higher end brands and started trying out more department store brands. I'll try to keep everything categorized by product. This is just for summer (June to end of August-ish). I think I'll do season reviews, plus monthy reviews and hauls each spree!

Things I Liked:
Gosh Velvet Touch Foundation Primer - $22 CAD - This was my first face primer. I can't compare it, but I can say I love it. It gives my face a perfect serface to apply make-up, and my face always looks more smooth and less cakey and powdering when this stuff is applied.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Blush - Healthy Glow - $17.99 CAD - I recently learned to use blush from a friend (she also taught me how to use foundation), but had a hard time finding one that didn't make me look like a clown. This one was really light, and had a bit of sunkissed sparkle. I like the 5 different shade strips, so you can go darker, use all of them, or go light.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster - Fair to Light - $17.99 CAD - I usually can't use bronzer, but this is the lightest one I've ever found, and it isn't overly sparkly.

Covergirl LashBlast Volume Waterproof Mascara - $8.99 CAD - I used to be a die-hard Lancome mascara user, but I seen lots of girls with amazing lashes who said they used this, so I had to give it a try. I had to throw out all 3 of my Lancome's after I got pink eye, so I grabbed a bottle of this. I absolutely love this stuff! My lashes look so big!! I highly recommend this to all you girls spending $$$ on mascara!!

Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow - Purple Iron, Pink Persuasion, Give Me Gold and Irrisistibly Ivy - $9.99 CAD each - I love, love, love these pallette's! Each one has four shadows, the perfect whole eye coverage pallette. My first one was Purple Icon, a combo of silver and 3 purples. Then I bought Pink Persausion, a combo of silver, pink, dark silver and black. I bought the last two together, Irresistbly Ivy, a blend of beige, two golds, and a aqua green, and Give Me Gold, a off-white, yellow-gold, dark gold, and dark brown. I love every single one of these, and plan on purchasing the rest of the set!

Maybelline Expertwear Eyeshadow - Sunlit Bronze - $11.99 CAD - I am a brown/bronze eyeshadow lover, so I fell for this one as soon as I seen it. I started using this for days I had to be super quick in lue of my usual Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips + Maybelline Sparkling Wine. Great popping yet natural shades!

Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows - Backstage Pass - $12.99 CAD - This has 6 colours ranging from silver to black. I love the silver/black shadow look, so I fell in love when I found this. It had all the colours I could ever need for the look. Sadly, after two months of addiction, it fell off a counter and shattered. I will be buying another very soon, this was a favorite look for going out!

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips - Vegas Strip - $17.99 CAD - This is the base to my everday eye, and has been since the day I bought it. It has five colours ranging from gold to bronze, which I use for my brow bone, lid and crease, which is followed up by Maybelline Expert Eye Shadow Sparkling Wine also applied in the crease and outer edge.

Maybelline Expert Shadow High Pearls - Sparkling Wine - $5.99 CAD - As mentioned above, I used this everyday with the gold. Absolute favorite!! Beautiful purple and golden colour!

Aquafina Hydrating Lip Oil - $1.00 CAD - This stuff really makes my lips feel amazing, and I like the cool tingle it brings.

Things I Didn't Like:
Rimmel Recover Anti-Fatigue Concealer - $6.99 CAD - This is bad concealer, I found it barely had any coverage. I purchased mine in Ivory which is around the same colour as everything else I used. Maybe I need to go darker, but this covered absolutely nothing under my eyes, and I don't even have to horrible of dark circles.

Maybelline Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner - $6.99 CAD - I really didn't like anything about this. It goes on streaky and I do not like sponge applicators. I will go back to splurging for Dior Show Style Liner!

L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow - Smokey Eyes - $9.99 CAD - This pallette is of silver's and black, but even with primer, it isn't very "popping". I applied it very thick, and still no rich colour.

Maybelline ExpertWear Eye Shadow Shimmer - Silver Lining - $5.99 CAD - This is a very dull silver, I didn't like it at all.

Bourjois Effect 3D Max Brillant a Levres Lipgloss - Rose Red - $22.00 CAD - I assumed this was going to colour and give my lips and beautiful shine and sparkle. It's very clear, and has barely any shine or sparkle, or anything really amazing about it at all. Wasn't worth the money.

Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm - $2.99 CAD - I don't understand the huge hype about this stuff, because it didn't do anything for my chapped lips. It also tastes terrible.

Softlips Aromatherapy - Replenish - $1.00 CAD - This stuff didn't really improve my lips, and it also made them burn.

I also bought the following stuff, but I haven't really used any of it. Although it shall go into the use-more-to-review bin and be reviewed eventually!
- Physicians Formula Organic Wear Blush/Bronzer - Bronzer/Ginger - $17.99 CAD
- Annabelle Glitterama Liquid Eyeliner - Plutonium - $9.99 CAD
- Milani Eyeshadow - Coffee Shop - $6.99 CAD
- L'Oreal Wear Infinite Perle - Reflecting Pool - $5.99 CAD
- Bonnebelle VitaGloss 2o Moisture Stick - $1.00 CAD

I got quite a few brushes as well, as followed:
- La Cross Premier Crease Shadow - $9.99 CAD - I use this for blending my shadow, and it works great!
- Caryl Baker Brow Defining - $22 CAD - I don't like this brush a whole lot, it's very stiff and I think I'm going to switch to something softer (or possibly a tinted gel for my eyebrows).
- Joe Concealer Brush - $6.99 CAD - I do not like these brushes for liquids what so ever. They are a cheap synthetic or plastic brush that is impossible to clean! Not to mention terrible streaks!
- Joe Foundation Brush - $9.99 CAD - This brush is as bad as the previous, synthetic and impossible to clean, and super streaky!
- Joe Crease Brush - $6.99 CAD - Surprisingly, this brand made a slight comback. This brush is an okay crease brush, but I'm going to invest in something better and longer soon. It gives to thick of a crease.
- Joe Kabuki Brush - $9.99 CAD - I've never used a Kabuki brush before, but it's so much better than a regular powder brush! Applying is a circular motion it really stops caking and doesn't give the powdery look. I really recommend trying one!

This summer fashions were all over for me! Like always I went flipflop crazy. I tried out gladiators, and can still say I do not like them. I'm going to miss ripped up daisy dukes so much, as well as sun dresses! I got this amazing yellow strapless Fovever 21 dress. I also fell for a beautiful leather purse with studs and a huge studded peace sign (not sure the brand).

September Favorites

So since before I re-did my blog, I wanted to do a month's favorite list because they kind of rock. So, since I just re-started, and it's the ending of a month, I'm going to do one for October! It is going to be long, since Fall is keeping a summer glow and being bronzed up, so I used a lot of different things, as well as I discovered lots of new things this month!!

Clean and Clear Morning Burst - Facial Scrub, Facial Cleanser and Make-up Dissolving Foaming Cleanser - $8 CAD each - I starting using these after I ran out of Lancome Creme Radiance last month, and I don't mind it. I didn't really like the Facial Cleanser, but the Facial Scrub was awesome! I also don't find the Make-up Dissolving Foaming Cleanser a good make-up remover, I will be going back to Lancome Bi-Facil.

Bath and Body Works - Wild Honeysuckle Body Lotion - $12 USD - My mom won two big baskets of Bath and Body Works, and she doesn't like strong scents, so she gave me quite a lot of stuff. I was using the Butterfly Flower Body Lotion for a long time, but switched to this one last month-ish. I absolutely LOVE this body butter! I absolutely love anything that smells strongly like flowers, especially honeysuckle or lilac. I smell great all day, and am so soft after using this. I love crawling into bed after rubbing it on, the smell is so smoothing!!

Dove Energy Glow Face Moisturizer - $8 CAD - My face doesn't get as tan as my shoulders and back, so when summer's over I like to keep the tiniest amount of tan I get (it's such a little tan, it's shameful). I like this stuff because it keeps my face a little browner and glowy when summer ends, and is a great moisturizer, especially for the price.

Kaaral Dazzling Perfectly Straitening Cream - $17.95 CAD - Best straigtening balm I've ever used, been using it for years, I recommend it to everyone!!

CoverFX Matte FX Oil Absorbing Powder - Medium - $32 CAD - This powder is much darker than my face, so it keeps it looking a bit darker after I loose colour. It seems a bit thick, but not cakey at all. It wasn't shiney or oily, in fact my face looked amazing all day. I used to only wear this out to bars/anywhere darker, but since summer I wear it all the time. I do warn that the Medium is extremely dark. Once my tan is gone I'll need a new colour.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster - Fair to Light - $17.99 CAD - I usually can't use bronzer, but this is the lightest one I've ever found, and it isn't overly sparkly.

My eyeshadow routine I've been mostly doing every day was Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips - Vegas Strip ($17.99) on my brow bone, crease and lid. I have also been going over the crease and outer corner with a darker gold with purple in it, Maybelline Expertwear Eye Shadow High Pearls - Sparkling Wine ($7 CAD). I really dig the gold with the golden purple on the crease and outer corner. I always use Dior Show StyleLiner ($35 CAD) on my lids, Lancome Le Crayon Khol ($26 CAD), and as of this summer Covergirl LashBlast ($9 CAD).

Last new thing of the month, before I died my hair blonde, I tinted my eyebrows. Now that I'm blonde, I can't, so I fill them in. I've been using Caryl Baker Brow Blend a lot, and I do really like it, as it comes with 3 shades, but I'm curious about tinted gels, so I may switch soon!

I think that's it cosmetic-ly? Yupp! So this last month I've been addicted to two things, my red tulle coat from WetSeal and my black boots by Bear Paw (totally the new Uggs). I'm also in love with my grey draped cardigan from Stitches! I've also been in love with white dress shirts (they look a lot like chef shirts, or maybe that's just my opinion. Also got one in blue), waiste belts (I bought 3, leather western style, stretchy with zipper, and one that does up in the back with chains on the front), lacey tights and pencil skirts!

Other things I'm addicted to for September, the show Sons Of Anarchy and the band Florence + the Machine.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beauty Express Haul, more update info!!

So before I get into the goodies, I just want to let you guys know what's coming soon. I really want to get a youtube channel going soon, it seems way more exciting and it should get more attention, plus then I can do tutorials. I will be doing a September favorites list later today (which I will do on the first of every new month) , and soon to come, a list of all the things I didn't like, and how I get my daily routine, complete with pictures. I think I'm going to do something like the "what I like and don't like" every few days. Also, as well as the favorites at the end of the month, I'm going to write up everything I got, and how I liked it.

So today I was applying for a job at Pantorama (interview Thursday!!) and noticed Beauty Express had a big sale. I didn't go too wild, because I get paid again in a few days so I figured I'll just get another shopping spree later this week (plus I have to get my eyebrows done today, so I don't want the bf too think I went wild). Anyways, here's what I got (i'll write the original price, but everything was 50% off):

Brocato Moveable Hold Hairspray $17.00 CAD - I've never used it, or heard of it, but the girl says it good, so I'll try it (I was almost out anyways).

OPI Maintenance Nail Envy $19.95 CAD - I used to have the original nail envy, but someone stole it. Best nail strengthener ever! I used the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength once, and it made my nails so hard the broke. This stuff doesn't over do it though, and helped my nails grow and not break very well. Pumped I got more!!

Too Faced Chocolate Galaxy Glam - Magenta Moon $20.50 - I have never used these swirly multicoloured eyeshadows before, so I had to put it on as soon as I got home!! It looks beautiful! It's pink and brown, but goes on very shimmery golden pink. Definitely going to be using this one a lot, I figured out how to work it into my every day routine already.

Too Faced Starry Eyed Liquid Liner - Restraining Order and Control Freak $20.50 each - I already had the blue one, but picked up the black and pink one today. I loved my blue one, but being such a bright colour I don't use it often. The black sparkles I will use a lot, especially since I now use liquid eyeliner everyday. The pink is really cute too, and goes great with the Galaxy Glam Magenta Moon shadow I bought. These have so much sparkle, I love them!!

Sephora Haul - Reviews

This is a very old haul, which I'm going to write new reviews for, since I've used them all up by now (well, some of it) and have a better .. outlook? Anyways, enjoy!!

SEPHORA COLLECTION Super Shimmer Lip Gloss Set $18 CAD- These were great! It came with a set of ten, Gold & Glow, Sugar Cookie, Sugar Coat, Sugar & Spice, Silver Fever, Precious Pink, Apricot Souffle, Pink-O-Lada, Forever Pink, and Think Pink. They all were either slightly sparkly or super sparkly. They all smelt like cola or fruit, they are super tasty and don't have any gross taste left behind. Not super sticky either. I really like Sugar & Spice, Precious Pink, Apricot Souffle, and Forever Pink.

SEPHORA COLLECTION FACE Soothing Toner - Dry Skin $5 CAD - I had been using Phytomer before this, and I must say, it works just the same. First off, I love the smell, it's roses!! I've never used one that completely tightened up pores 100%, but it does soften my face, and clear up blemishes and redness. It also does not sting what so ever, and it remarkably removes make up after my 2 step remover process (this makes it the third I use, I'll show you my routines in other posts!)

SEPHORA COLLECTION Plumping Lip Gloss - Pink 2 and Red 5 $5 CAD - Another sale item, I got pink and red. I didn't notice these plump my lips too much, after a few days I went back to my DuWop Lip Venom. I do really like the shiny colour of the pink though. I couldn't recommend these as a plumper, but they make an okay gloss. They are also really runny!

Pop Beauty Lid Neon $13.50 CAD - Another sale item (I can't say no to something on sale). This pallette is beautiful!! It comes with pretty pink, ripe orange, juicy yellow, bright blue, pastel turquoise, apple green. These colours are really bright, and go on very solid. I highly recommend these to anyone into neons. These are matte, and also come with a chart showing you how to apply, so it's great for beginner's as well.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Original $22 CAD - I was a primer virgin before this stuff. I won't use anything else but this, because of how happy I've been about it. I never knew make-up could pop so much, or that it could last all day! Now that I've used up two bottles, I can make such a better review! It's very silky and light. It makes everything pop and makes the colour more brilliant and saturated, makes sparkles sparkle more.. you get the idea. This stuff makes eyeshadow look the way it was meant to. It also helps you keep your make up in place longer, especially if you have oily skin. Sadly, the bottle has a weird shape and I feel as though there's lots stuck in it that I can't get out. It also comes in Sin, which has a gold shimmer to it, which I will be buying very soon!

DuWop Reverse Lip Liner $21 CAD - This is a colourless lip pencil you apply to the outside of your lips which helps plump lips and lock colour in place. I find it does it's job as a lipliner, but the best part is how it wells the edges of your lips, which really helps your lip line pop. Sometimes I still use lipliner for extra dramatic lips, but this stuff is the best!! I have small flat lips, this stuff is my secret to big kissy lips!

Dior Style Liner (Noir Black) $35 - I can honestly say this is by far my favorite liquid eyeliner of all time. I have used Maybeline, Covergirl, NYC, Revlon and an old Clinique from my mom, and nothing even compares to this. The brush is very fine, so you can have a very fine line, or apply more for something dramatic. It goes on perfect, first liquid I ever got on perfect! I don't like sponge or hard applicators, or even the thick brushes, so this one was perfect for that as well. Very deep black, and long wearing. I have slept in this and woken up with nothing but perfect eye liner. I recommend everyone- first timers, or life long users, THIS STUFF IS THE BEST!!

Stella McCartney Stella Eau de Parfum 1OZ $50 - I got a smaller bottle because I have a lot of perfume, but I came across this because I was given a sample from Sephora. This is one of my all time favorite perfumes! The description says it's "the freshness and softness of the rose, and the dark sensuality of amber". I find it smells like your standing in a rose and lilac bush. It's an absolutely beautiful classy scent, but yet very sexy. Everyone always asks me about this scent! I also love that this line is based on ecological and organic cosmetology.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin $39 - I didn't really like this stuff at all. In fact, I used it once. A lot of people said it really improved their skin's smoothness, repaired blemish and scars, and just over all they loved it. I couldn't handle the burning and tingling sensation, and my face wash red for hours. Maybe I'll try it again and see how it goes, for now it's just not something I liked, I went back to my old Lancome wash.

DuWop Prime Venom $20 - I am a 100% DuWop lip addict. I use this stuff about 10 minutes before any lipstick, to condition and plump my lips up. It works really well, and helps keep my lipstick on. I also love how well it conditions the lips, so my lipstick doesn't look cracked or peely if my lips aren't in great condition that day. A lot of people complained about this product, but I don't think they realized it's a primer, not a lipstick.

Well that's it!! I'll take a picture later on today and post it in here. I will give Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel another try and post in a few months! I'm hopefully going to start a videoblog as well (I'll double post for those who want to read it all still!). Out of everything, I suggest you all go try Urban Decay Primer Potion, DuWop Reverse Lip Liner, Dior Styleliner and DuWop Prime Venom!

Lancome Absolue Fond De Teint (Foundation)

To this day, I will recommend this to everyone once. I'm really glad I'm re-posting this (since I've used the whole jar) because I have so many improvements to my review to make!

Before you get your heart set on this, it was $72 (CAD) before tax. Despite "so-so" reviews I've read, I found this stuff too makes your skin look perfect and flawless, so luminous, it doesn't look like your wearing make-up, you'll look like a porcelain doll (in your correct shade, it doesn't make you white, obviously). The other big draw in for me was how it went beyond full-coverage. Not only does your skin tones become perfectly even, but over time you will notice your skin tones always perfect, even without it on your face. It's supposed to be for older women, but it honestly made my face perfect!!

The only draw back it has is a low SPF. It's also only made for dry skin, yet contains silicone rather than oils that would provide more moisture.

My only downfall is it's lightest shade was a tad bit darker than my skin (before I used self tanner's I was extremely pale). You must definitely try it in the store, don't just get excited and buy one.

Hey guys!!

So I decided so start fresh and new, because my other blog was getting forgotten, mixed in with other things, and just really messy I guess. I started posting a lot of other things, and have decided to make one blog strictly for make-up, fashion, and everything I think is in and out. Hope you guys enjoy, I'm going to import all my posts from Grumpy Toast here!
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