Thursday, February 24, 2011

My whole collection aka heaven

I decided to have a *almost* make up tour, and show you how I store everything. I realize I do have a lot of make up, but this is almost 10 years of collecting. This is basically everything, there's a few lipsticks and liner's in my purse, a few creams in the bathroom, but it's all mostly here! I'm not going to do close up pics of everything, or give too much detail about absolutely everything, but I'm sure there's going to be some things I want to flap about :)

Don't forget you can click any of my pics to view bigger!

You can see the two big unit's on the right, that's all cosmetics. On the top, I have brushes and purfumes (there's also a Sephora LashStash box hidden under hanging necklaces). I have my earrings and hair accessories on my night stand as well. The boxes in the night stand are all nailpolish on the left, jewelry on the right.

I have a small addiction to purfume (and make-up, clothes, shoes, purses..). In the back there's some mini bottles packs like calgon, and lots of sprays, Victoria Secret Beauty Rush, Bath and Body Works, LOTS of cotton candy sprays (hehe). There's lots of crap on here I *could* part with.. To name a few favorites though, there's my Stella McCartney, Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein Beauty, Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, Fancy by Jessica Simpson and Dawn by Sarah Jessica Parker. I used to have more of the Britney Spears and Paris Hilton ones, but I used most of them up. I still love the Britney Spears fragrance though! As you can tell, I'm huge on sweet non-fruity fragrance! (like britney spears, jessica simps, betsey)
Not only are these something I couldn't live without, they are held by something I can't live without - Hello Kitty. Nothing made my dreams come true more than the HK MAC line. I'm all out of the lipgloss' (you wont see them in my drawer's, their in a keepsake box), and the compact mirror is STILL in my purse :)

So this is my eyeshadow drawer number one. The back compartment is silver's and blacks. You can see my Milani palette, that was my favorite, until my daughter dropped it. I use the Maybelline single quite a lot, "Silver Lining". Upfront is my golds and neutrals, which I have quite a lot of. I used to use the 3rd single in from the left, the Maybelline in "High Pearls" on my outer corners when I did gold's and neutrals, but it's since been replaced with using Too Faced Galaxy Glam pots. Lined up on the right, in the back there's the Avon palette I just got, liking the colours a lot! My Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in "Vegas Strip" is probably my #1 used eyeshadow product. The two Maybelline quad's "Give Me Gold and Sunlit Bronze" is a recent fave. That old crust looking one near the middle, 2nd in on the right, that's my first neutral gold set! I still use it too. The black case beside it is just a quad of browns from Lancome, it was free. There's also some random little pots, and cheap shadows I've found. 

This is my second shadow drawer, where I keep most of my singles. In front of the mini cases, there are my Rimmel and Too Faced "baked" shadows. The Rimmel's are creamy, and cake a bit, but are still fun. The Too Faced are amazing, so many different highlights on your eyes from these! It's all "crazier" colours in the front. As you can tell, I have a lot of the L'Oreal Shadows. To be honest, they are some of my favorites, very pigmented, and come in many different styles. The Lancome shadows are also some of my favorite, so holographic and pigmented! The back row is all "cream" shadows. I don't use them a lot. I use the Rimmel Colour Mousse in Splash quite a lot though. There's lots of Eye'Devotions as well, all $1 at dollarama. 

  This drawer is more random. The front container is "palettes" of all sizes that well, don't really match up on the eyes, and are random. I love the HIP shades from L'Oreal, and plan on buying more. The POPbeauty neon palette was from Sephora, and has very pigmented pinks, blue's, greens, yellows.. I also LOVE the Quo duo in Blue Lagoon, it's a shiney teal, and black with gold sparkle. The back row, I have some mini palettes that go together on the eye. There's a few Maybelline Eyestudio quads, and Quo duo's, that I love!

My current creams drawer (and eyeshadow!). The top left corner is creams I don't use a lot, mostly because it's winter, stuff with tanner's, super SPF's, and my Merle Normans set I've yet to use. The top right corner is loose eyeshadows. I use the Beauty Rush and Annebelle pots a lot. The bottom left corner is everyday creams. Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer, Neutrogena Wrinkle cream, Avon Solutions Tinted Moisturizer, Anew Ultimate Day creme, and Anew Clinical Deep Crease Concentrate. The bottom right is a few other things, deodorant, foot and hand cream, dry oil, toner. Off too the side you can see my big 80 colour eyshadow palette from Icing's, and my neutral and smokey eye palette.

I'll do a closer look at the back row of things, but the front is my powders, blush, bronzer's.. On the left side is my Lancome and CoverFx powders. Beside that, GOSH face primer. The two "lipstick" looking tubes are Meet Mark (avon) stick blushes, love them!! I also have my Bronze Booster by Physicians Formula (first bronzer I've found light enough for my skin!), and under it, the blush/bronzer 2 in 1. I also have a large stack of blush's off to the right (pink and palettes under), all Physicians Formula. I also have my Sephora brand Mineral Foundation + Setting Powder, not a huge fan.

I keep most of my shadow pencils in here, eye primers, and usually concelears and foundations (my foundation isn't in here, it's lancome). I have both the Smashbox and Urban Decay shadow primers. I love Smashbox, but the primer is oily and shit compared to the Urban Decay. Always choose the Urban Decay Primer Potion!! Middle container, eyeliners!! For solids, I have a lot of of the Bonnebell Eye'Definer's, as well NYC Flatliner eye pencils. My favorite all time solid liner, Lancome!! I also have a few of those twisty Avon ones. For liquids, I have the whole Marcell Lux Metallique line (reviewed here), and it's super pigmented, shiney, and gorgeous!! I have a few Meet Mark liner's, don't use them a lot, for the fact that they are super coloured. But when I do, high pigments, gorgoues colour, and long lasting! I also have the pink, blue and black sparkled Too Faced Starry Eyed Liquid Liners, my faves!! They have a super huge amount of sparkle in them, I wear them all the time!! For cream liners, I just use the Avon and Maybelline brands, but I love them. I always used Dior Style Liner, it was was crazy to find something that was just as good, after all these years and dollars! The third row is my mascara's. I have a lot, mostly from my Sephora LashStash box, but two are my faves. Those would be Covergirl LastBlast (the only thing from Covergirl I actually like) and Lancome Hypnose Drama. I've used Hypnose for yeas, Drama was a fave new mascara when it came out!

This drawer is mostly eyelashes. The whole back row is eyelashes. The left top side is super huge, coloured, sparkled, and "special event" eyelashes, the right side is everyday lashes. The bottom left is q-tips (for fixing make up uh ohs), sponges, sharpeners. The bottom right side is my brush cleaner, Boire strips, and eyelash glue.

 This is my hair drawer! I don't use everything all the time. The bottom layer is actually just a ton of hair extension products. I have my new hairspray, Brocato, which I purchased (and blogged!) a little while ago, and is amazing. I also use Kaaral straightening balm and split end mender before blow drying, and dayly. I have a few other mouses for different looks, few different gels and putty's.

 We're finally onto the lipstick/gloss container!! This top drawer is all treatments, balms, lip liners, plumpers. I use my CoverFX a lot, as well as my DuWop Venoms. Another favorite thing, the Tarte 2 in 1 (stain and gloss).

The next drawer is all gloss that's very pigmented, and more like lipstick. I love my Lorac holographic, although it's a little high colour to use a lot. I use the Benefit double and the Flaunt Beauty pot the most.

This drawer is of lipgloss' that don't have much pigment, and I use these quite frequently more. Faves: Lancome juicy tube, and the wands from Claire's. Although really, I use ALL of these, all the time.

These are my lipsticks. As you can see, most of them are from Avon. I am a representative, so I get a lot of them cheap. I mostly wear bright pinks and dark reds.

I never stopped loving BonneBell Smackers. I use these all the time! I love the yummy flavours!

Well, that's all folks. It took a long to write this, I started and got busy so many times, it's been saved on here forever, I figured it's time to finish! I hope you gals enjoyed the tour!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hey guys!

So before I get into the POTD, I wanted to do a little update. I'm going to be posting more "make-up look turtorials", more individual reviews, and in the next few days I'll be posting a HUGE post on my "collection. Stay tuned guys! I also want more followers, as I'd like to give giveaways. I always like to share my favorite products, so help me get there guys!! 

I realize I NEVER post pics of myself. Okay, well I have a few times, but not enough. I'm not very photogenic, but tonight I looked great and the camera agreed with me.

10 Minute Date Look!

So about half an hour before the time of the movie, I realized, "Oh my goodness, date in 10 minutes". For the first time, I just threw random things on not even really paying attention, and it looked great!

 Products Used:
Prime the face: - Gosh Velvet Touch Face Primer
Foundation: - Sephora Mineral Loose Powder Foundation
Face Powder: - Sephora Mineral Matte Setting Powder
Prime the eyes: - Smashbox Photofinish Lid Primer
Eyes: - Jane Colour Stick - 05 Mercury (all over the lid)
- Rimmel Stir It Up - 300 Sure..  (all over the lid)
- Maybelline Eyestudio Quad - 30 Purple Icon (touch of 1&2 on brow bone)
- Avon Satin Gel eyeliner - Black Pearl (on the bottom lash line)
- Lancome Colour Design - Drama (undereye)
- Lancome Le Crayon Khol - Black  (top and bottom waterline)
- Marcelle Lux Metallic Liquid Eyeliner - Cobalt Blue (top lash line, cat eye effect)
- Benefit BadGal Lash (lashes)
Cheeks: - Mark.. Just Pinched - Peachy   (blush - cheeks)  
Lips: - Benefit Lipgloss - Almost Famous

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2010 Favorites

Okay, I know I'm a little late with this trend, but I HAVE to. These are my favorites!

1) Best Products for $1
Your hearing that right. My local Dollarama carrie
s Bumpit's! I was impressed, I bought them in every colour.

E.L.F Cosmetic Brushes I managed to find about 5 different brushes, even big powder and blush brushes for $1!

2) Best Eye Shadow Products

I used these religiously all year, and they were all new additions to the collection last year. Funny story, the Milani Eyes palette was busted by my daughter, and she opened it and got black EVERYWHERE. I just noticed this picture was taken on that exact spot of my floor.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Vega
s Strip is one of my most used things. I use it for neutral looks, gold looks, even to contour certain looks. It's my favorite eyeshadow ever!

Milani Runway Eyes in Backstage Basics became a favorite very fast with me. I always wore the black/silver smokey eye to the bar, so fi
nding this palette just rocked! Sadly it broke, and every time I go to purchase a new one, it's sold out.

Too Faced Galaxy Glam Baked Eyeshadow in Cocoa Co
met & Magenta Moon were the first "baked" eyeshadow I used, and from there I fell in love. I just love how the different swirls of colour come together to form a gorgeous high shimmer holographic look.

3) Favorite Product Line
At first, I started writing this for my HUGE line of Lancome products I use, but while writing it, I realized I didn't really fall for it in 2010,
I actually fell out of love with lots of the products. This year I discovered how GREAT Physicians Formula is! I use my Shimmer Sticks as eyeshadow, never has a bronzer. The Bronze Booster in Fair to Light is also the first bronzer I've found that wasn't too dark and heavy for my light skin tones. The 2 in 1 also goes great together, and there's no harshness or caking from having to apply them seperately. Over all, I love this brand! Everything was $19.99, a little pricey, but absolutely great! I can't wait to get more from this brand!

4) Favorite Lip Products

There's a lot of products here, and all I can th
ink is "I wish all the glosses I lost were here". Yupp, I had about 5 other lip products I called favorites. I've always been a DuWop lover, more so I've always used Lip Venom. I was pumped when the tinted Twilight one came out, and was super impressed by the Reverse LipLiner. The dark red lipstick is Adrenaline by Annabelle, the pink is.. I don't know, the name has rubbed off. I do believe it's really old, and MAC. I also had sparkling lips thanks to Lise Watier Plumpissimp Corail, Bourjois Paris Effet 3D Max in Rose Gold, and all my little Sephora Shimmer lipgloss'.

5) Favorite Rediscovered Products

Covergirl products!! I got LashBlast mascara to check out the hype last year, and was all "wow, Covergirl is pretty good", so I went through the drawers and pulled out some old gems. This blush is fantastic! I love the multi coloured in 1, as you get more definition I find. I also don't know why I EVER gave up on this neutral quad, it's perfect (coffee, mink, barely beige and mocha - back when quads didn't have one single name!). I found a bunch of Bonnebelle eye pencils, and realized they have TONS of pigment! This Colour Mousse by Rimmel is also a fantastic colour (Splash), and brought me back to my love for teals and greens.

6) Least Used Products

I don't have a photo, but there wasn't very many products I bought and didn't use. There was TONS I already had and didn't use. Bright and high pigmented colour, as well as colour eye pencil's went unused for a long time. I also bought a lot of Milani singles, and didn't have a chance to use them. I also 100% gave up on concealers.

Superstore nail polish haul! Joe and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

I was actually just there to buy milk, but couldn't resist peaking at the make-up area. I found lots of goodies, but best of all, nailpolish on sale! Don't mind my messy application pictures, I didn't want to spend forever perfecting 7 different colours.

As you can see, the Joe is 3 different shades of red. This came together, and was on sale for $2.50 for all 3, such a great deal!! The shades are Sweet Tart (meduim red with a bit of sparkle), Wine (solid semi-dark red), and Cherry (solid medium red). These are my first Joe polishes (I've never used anything aside from their brushes). Wine and Cherry have amazing pigment and only required one coat, as where Sweet Tart needed 2-3.

As you can see, the Wine and Cherry were almost the same colours. Again, excuse my messyness, I wanted to hurry and get this posted with out being all fancy about 7 new polishes.

As I was walking back out of the store, I seen that Sally Hansen Hards as Nails Extreme Wear was on sale. I purchased one of these about a month ago, and love it, so I got four more. I really dig these sparkly ones as well!

These colours are killer! You can't tell very much in this photo, but the pink has the same shimmer like the blue and green. I almost forgot to tell you what colours these were too! From left to right: Marine Scene, Rockstar Pink, Ivy League and Twisted Pink.

L'Oreal Paris Part II - HiP (High Intensity Pigments) Bright Shadow Duo

I have enough L'Oreal Eyeshadow that this had to be a two part review! In the last post, I reviewed quite a few of the Infinite's, like Rich, Perle, Holographic and a few quads. This post I'll be talking about 4 different HiP duo's I have used.

HiP High Intensity Pigments Duo
I originally purchased these looking for a yellow, and slowly ended up with 4. The name says it all, intense pigments! There are a few different styles of shadows that you can get in the compact, matte, metallic, sheer, shimmery. The two colours you get also go great together, which I find a problem with most duo's or quad's (sometimes the colours are terrible together). I have Forgiving (dark metallic brown/dark shimmery blue), Brazen (matte pink/matte brown), Flamboyant (super shiny yellow gold/matte purple), and Flashy (sparkly cream/shimmery teal). I used to love the pink in Brazen, as it has a super high pigment. My favorite right now would have to be Flashy, as I'm addicted to the high pigment shimmery teal. The purple from Flamboyant is also a complete dupe of MAC Purple Haze.
(above/below: HiP in Brazen, Forgiving, Flamboyant and Flashy)

I also love the packaging, with a mirror compartment on the bottom, along with a spot for the foam brush. Below is a shot of the bottom of the jar.

I really recommend these colors for their great high pigmentation. Considering I have 4, and found a completely dupe of a MAC shadow, it gives me good feelings about the rest of the colours. I'd really like to try Reckless (shimmery purple/matte purple), Riotous (shimmery lime green/matte grey), Showy (shimmery blue/dark matte blue), and a few of the new metallic duo's.

To see the full listenings of all the great HiP Duo's, visit the website here:

L'Oreal Paris Part I - Wear Infinite Eyeshadows Review

I've been quite dedicated to L'Oreal eyeshadows for quite a long time. They have a large range of different shadows. I have found these all to be quite long wearing and non-creasing, especially when used with primer. I also use the HiP, but I'll put those in a seperate review.

Perle and Rich
They are all so very blend-able and silky. Perle are very shiny, as the rich are a deeper matte with soft shine, great for contour. I have Reflecting Pool (light blue with silver) and Glistening Sea (light teal) in Perle. Glistening Sea is one of my favorite shadows, it has such a gorgeous shine and pigment. As for the Rich, I have tried Plum Royale. They also sell quads ($8.99), I have tried both "for brown eyes in summer dusk" and "smokey eye". I have had no problems with the packaging, you get quite a long in the compact. I have also never had any hardening of the shadow. I found the Rich to be much more pigmented.

(above/below: Perle in Glistening Sea, Perle in Reflecting Pool, Rich in Plum Royale)

These are very creamy as well, and very silky, quite like the shadow's above. I found them just a bit thicker than the normal Infinite's. These are very metallic, and very "holographic". I found them to be a loss pigmented then the one's above, but still quite colourful. I have Crown Jewel (purple), Royal Sapphire (blue), King's Ransom (gold) and Princess Jade (green). I found the Royal Sapphire to be the most interesting, it had the most "holographic" look to it. The Crown Jewel was quite a nice colour as well.

(above/below: Holographic in Princess Jade, Crown Jewel, Royal Sapphine and King's Ransom)

I haven't really purchased many of these, and the "for brown eyes" in Summer Dusk was a gift. I have green eyes, but still like the neutral look. I don't like all the colours in this palette either. The 1st colour is great. It's a champagne colour, very shimmery and very silky, easy to apply. I found the other 3 a bit more matte, and harder to apply, but still creamy and silky. The silver/black quad in Smokey Eye I purchased after breaking my favorite smoke eye palette. I do not like these colours one bit. The 2nd silver is okay, but the rest aren't very good. I preffer a bit of shimmer in my black when doing a smokey eye, and these have never to none. They also aren't creamy and silky to apply, but very hard, and make it impossible to apply thick and pigmented.

(Above: Smokey Eye)
(Above: For Brown Eyes in Summer Dusk)

Overall, I highly recommend the Perle, Rich and Holographic's. I have a hard time finding new ones, but would completely love to try more from the brand. I'm not a fan of the quad's however, and would definitely skip any like the Smokey Eye, as they are powdery and hard.

Marcelle - Lux Metallic Liquid Eyeliner

I was strolling around the store and noticed a new brand to the store - Marcelle! There was a lot of skin products and very little make-up, but I managed to pick up the whole Metallic eyeliner line. They were $12.99 each. They come in 4 colours, Ultraviolet, Jade, Aqua and Cobalt Blue. Amazing sparkle and glimmer, I love high glitter products! Along with glitter, they have a matching semi-translucent base colour, which is great as they can be worn with or without another base liner. I found that with a double application, they are not very translucent, and become intensely glittlery (in a good way!). They took quite a few minutes to dry, as do most glitter's, but had impressive hold. I absolutely love the thin applicator as well, I find them more controllable, as well gives you the choice of thin or thick application.

They also sold the Diamond liner's as well, which were liquids, but just a sheer gold and silver glitter, but I have far too many of those already.

My camera was being a jerk, and really didn't want to focus. As you can see, I'm posting the swatches backwards from the order above. Oh well. Cobalt blue seemed to be more purple as well, but was very pigmented, as well as Jade. I love the transparency of Aqua as well!

I definitely recomment trying out the Metallic line!!

Dawn by Sarah Jessica Parker

I was at Shopper's today picking up some stuff, and noticed this on the $17.99 rack. I had a sample last year in my sampler box, but chose the Viva La Juicy. I've been meaning to get this, but there's always such a huge list of scent's I want!

This is from the Lovely Collection (Dawn, Endless and Twilight). Dawn is a very soft floral with hints of citrus cocktail, violet leaves, angelica, orchid, vanilla, orris, oakmoss, etiver and translucent musk. It's by far my favorite scent from the collection, and one of my all time favorite scents. I find it smells like a lighter version of Stella by Stella McCartney. I personally prefer the softer scents more so than over powering musky scents. It's the softest scent from the collection, which is why I'm more drawn to it then Endless or Twilight.

The bottle has a very gorgeous floral pattern on the back, which is visable as it's a transparent bottle. It's very cute packaging!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm clearly a shoe-aholic

Okay, so I really need to calm down on shoes. Not forever, just until we move again, because there's nowhere to put them anymore. Halloween I bought every pair at Spencer's. Two pairs of patent leather boots, two pairs of sexy black leather boots with buckles, 4 pairs of mary janes, plain black heels, heels with brass knuckles on them, thigh high dom boots, pair of gold heel gladiators.. I think that was all? Then boxing day I bought flats and runner's. Last week I got new pairs of heels, yesterday I got another two pairs. 4 months, and like 20 new pairs of shoes. It's getting out of control.

Well, here's my 4 I've purchased in the last week or so. The two on the left are both from Urban Behavior, $9.99 CAD each. The two on the right are from Aldo, $25 and $34 each. All four were sale prices.

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