Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas (over due post!)

So I've been super busy with Christmas the last month, but I've been also been make-up crazy. Lots of stuff for christmas, boxing day sales, best friend moved away so I go hand me downs! Unfortunate make up news, I had really, really wanted the Lise Watier Jingle Bell Eyeshadow Palette, but my WHOLE city is sold out.

I got a few new things before christmas:
- Benefit All You Need Is Gloss Set - Comes with 3 double sided lipglosses. This was my holiday substitute for not getting the Lise Watier palette. I'm really loving the I'm With The Band shade, reminds me of my favorite Mac Lipglass in Dreamy. I definitely recommend getting this, pretty good bargain for $30. Came with Life On The A List, I'm With The Band, Who Are You Wearing, 24 K, Back To The Fuchsia, and Almost Famous. They all had a good scent/flavour except for Almost Famous.
- Too Faced Galaxy Glam in Cocoa Comet - A friend got me this as a early gift after I went on and on about the Galaxy Glam Magenta Moon shadow. I had never used the swirly colours like these before, and I'm glad I made the leap. It's a shimmery brown, with hints of light brown, champagne, and sky blue. I've been doing the gold/neutral look for a while, so these go great on the outer corner's to glam up the look a little. They were (hopefully still are) on sale for $10.50 at Beauty Express, I recommend getting a few, they are so versatile! They are so neutral, but have a very sheen hint of colour.
- Lancome Hypnose Drama Mascara - I've been using Maybelline Lashblast since I got pink eye a few months back, and had to throw out almost 4 tubes of Lancome. It was okay, but I've always been a fan of Hypnose, and have been dying to try the new "Drama". I find it takes less coats than the normal Hypnose to get the long, voluminous, dramatic look. I've also realized that it impossible to get off, I was sick for a few days and didn't wash it off, and it looked the same after 3 days of sleep as the day I put it on. It definitely gives you the fake lash look, although Hypnose has always been great for that. I also like the new colour this comes in, "Excessive Black".
- Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer - I ran out of eyeshadow primer, and really needed some, and couldn't wait for a Sephora order for Urban Decay. I'm not as impressed with this as Urban Decay Primer Potion. It's much more oily, creases more, and is much too dark. I find it doesn't hold the make up in place nearly as good as Primer Potion either. I'll finish the bottle and re-review it, although I don't really think my opinion will change. Proves the point that when you find something you love, stick to it!

Santa was also great to me! I have yet to use my true you! Brush Set, but will review it in the future! It was a 6 piece set, blush, foundation, powder, lip and eyeliner brushes, and of course a brow brush. I got lots of new little Bonnebell Smackers, I can never have enough, they hide everywhere! Tons of flash lashes, nails, nail polish (lots from the OPI Nicole line).

Also picked up some awesome stuff for boxing day!
- Quo Minerals Matter Eye Duo in Blue Lagoon - I put this on as soon as I got home! I wasn't able to find pictures of any of the Quo makeup I got today, but I'll explain the best I can. These two colours don't really go together, but on their own are amazing! One is a shimmery blue/green (more emerald) with gold highlights in it, and the other colour is a black with gold sparkles. I've always been a sucker for the shimmery colours, especially blue/green combo's.
- Quo Couture Eyeshadow Duo's in Shadow Lady, Beyond Bliss and Knights Amour - I couldn't tell you which one is which, as they were on clearance ($12 marked down to $3) and all pulled out of their boxes. I grabbed all 3 and boxes to let you know what the names were. First palette: shimmery gold with a sparkle, and shimmery emerald with gold highlights and a sparkly effect. These two are gorgeous! They are two of my favorite shades, and go beautifully together! Second palette: Shimmery/sparkly dark pink, and sparkly/shimmery black. I don't really wear these colours anymore (well, I use black), but it's a very cute combo, and a very innocent light shimmery pink that would go with anything! Last palette: shimmery dark purple and shimmery silver. These two are very like the last palette, just a few shades different. Not sure what I think of the silver, but the purple is gorgeous!

All Quo make-up is Canadian exclusive. They are very vibrant, long lasting shadows, and all together a great brand of make-up. I've also used their brushes, and love love love them! I use their eyeshadow liner brush and smudger. The lipgloss' are also soft, none sticky, and taste and smell amazing!!

I also got free samples of Icing's by Claire's new Flaunt Beauty line. I got a little tub of the dark red colour, called Guava. It's more of a gloss, but is definitely long lasting colour! I've been very impressed with this store's quality of make up. I had also picked up a 82 colour shimmer palette, smokey eye 4 shadow palette, and the neutral eye 4 shadow palette, both which I have been highly impressed by. The 82 colour palette has such rich colours, and are so shimmery!

I also made the switch today from liquid eye liner to cream eyeliner. I got the Maybelline New York EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Charcoal. I immediately used it as soon as I got home, and was so impressed! It goes on so much easier than liquid eyeliner, and blends and is so much easier to create different looks! I'm definitely excited about this new switch I've made! I definitely want to go pick another one up in Blackest Black while they are on sale, because they are so worth it!! I had thought the Charcoal would be a lot darker than it is.

I also got a few goodies from a friend who moved away, she was clearly out make up she never used and I scooped some up, mostly stuff I've never tried. She gave me 2 Beauty Rush Luminous Shadows (loose shadows by Victoria's Secret) in Emerald City and Blutopia. These are really light colours, but are insanely shimmery and sparkle! They are much like the Annabelle Pigment Dust (which we both happen to love), so shimmery and full of highlights! I'm definitely going to be running down to La Senza to get more. I have never tried N.Y.C before, and she gave me a neutral shadow duo in Duo de ville. One is brown, one is white, both have a very pearle look. As well, a pot of Smooth Mineral Loose Blush Powder in Almost Apricot. I'll definitely have to wait until summer to rock this, because it very dark. I'm also not used to the loose mineral powders and need practice. Something I had wanted to try for a while, L'Oreal's specialized eyeshadow colours for different eye colours. This one is for brown eyes (I have green eyes), but are neutral colours, so I'm excited to try them. I've loved the whole L'Oreal Wear Infinite line for years, but I'm sure I'll do a product line review eventually (that sounds fun!).

Anyways, I hope you all had a great christmas! New reviews soon to come, as well as full product line reviews!

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