Saturday, March 26, 2011

Christian Audigier - Heavy Metal Peaches Tote

I took a little adventure to Winner's two weeks ago, and fell in love with this gorgeous large tote, with leather and studs. I looked a little closer, and realized it's the Christian Audigier Heavy Metal Peaches tote. I automatically called my dad, and begged him for it (he missed my birthday). He said $150 was too insane for a purse. I told him, "but Daddy, it's a regular $315"!! Didn't work. The next day, while watching Jersey Shore, I noticed, "Hey, Sammi just walked in with my purse!!".

So the next week, I came back, and to my luck, it was still there. So ofcourse, I treated myself to some luxury. It's a very large tote, featuring leather studded top flap, trim and foot pads. It has interior pocket as well as CA print and logo inside.

I adore the leather studded top of the purse. Anything leather or studded is my love!
 Close up of the trim:
 Christian Audigier logo buckle:
 A look inside:

Isn't she beautiful? I love it to death. If you'd like to purchase one, they are currently on sale for $179 (although mine was $150!). You can find them here.

Oh! I also took a screen shot of last week's Jersey Shore, here's Sammi with it!

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