Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paul Mitchell Express IonSmooth Hair Straightener VS. Paul Brown Hawaii Flat Iron

Something very tragic happened in my life, something we all dread - the death of our hair straighteners. I have been using the Paul Brown for just under two years, and it died out. Not exactly worth the $200 CAD I paid for it. The Paul Brown promised so many things, like fast heat up times, sense control.. Mine took atleast 10 minutes to heat, and after 5 minutes of use, cooled down a great deal. I wasn't very pleased with this purchase, but kept using it for the time being. My hair never stayed straight throughout the day, after 2 hours my hair looked messy and wavvy in weird spots.

About two week ago, I noticed at 50% off sale at Beauty Express, which included flat irons. I found the Paul Mitchell Express IonSmooth, regular $200, so it cost about $100. I immediately came home, took a shower, and re-did my hair. It advertised for quick straightening, even heat distribution, slim plates to get close to roots, stops fly aways, long lasting style..Usually I spend over an hour straightening my hair, this great tool, less than twenty minutes! My hair was much shinier, healthier looking after use. Not to mention the straightness lasted not just all day, but was still straight the next day when I woke up. 

 I also opted to get the 1.25 inch this time, as my Paul Brown was 1 inch. I also found the Paul Brown would get residue from hair products, this one does not. I've found some pictures to make a comparison on the difference.

Here's my hair with the Paul Brown:

Here's a recent shot with the Paul Mitchell:
 As you can see, the Paul Brown didn't stay straight, nor did it really create a flat effect. The Paul Mitchell does a bang up job on getting perfectly straight hair. I highly recommend stearing away from the Paul Brown if you'd like actual straight hair. Same products were used in both these shots as well. I love my Paul Mitchell, and highly recommend one! They come in a variety of sizes as well!

Side note, I miss being a brunette!


  1. my ghd dies this morning! this is such a coincidence xx


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