Thursday, March 17, 2011

LUSH Big Blue and Sunny Side bath cocktail!

I recently purchased both of these from LUSH, which intentions of using them together. Big Blue (bathbomb) had scent of Lemon and Lavender to help you relax, along with pieces of seaweed and seasalt to help cleanse and soften the skin. It creates blue water, along with blue foamy bubbles. Sunny Side (bubblebar) has delicious scents of oranges, tangerines and lemon, also very relaxing, yet is very energetic. The golden lustre's cause the water to become gold, shimmery, and very swirly. The combination of these two results in sea green water, with golden shimmery swirls, and a bit of blue with golden hued bubbles. 

                                                         Elapsed time: 5 minutes

                                                        Elapsed time: 15 minutes

As you can see, the blue foamy bubbles dissapeared quite quick, but I was still left with bubbles. The golden shimmers lasted the whole half hour I was in the tub!

I really like the combination of these two, and would highly recommend trying with bath cocktail out. I hear adding the Avobath bathbomb as well into the mix makes for a great bath, I'll have to try it out!

My next cocktail? Blackberry (bathbomb with bergamot and black current, creates purple water), Tisty Tosty  (bathbomb based on a spell used to stir the passions and bring you love, eases tension and stress, will bloom flowers in the bath), and a Sunny Side bar. The combination should create a purple bath, with roses and gold shimmers, that will waken you up (from bergamot and tangerine), as well as ease your stress and tension. Definitely a great mix for the morning of something stressful, or after a stressful day, but too early for sleep.


  1. I really want to try out some of these lush bath bombs, ive just never got around to buying them. x

  2. They make bath time so much more fun! You should try a Dragon's Egg or Twilight, both fizz lots of colours, sparkles, and spin around in the tub.


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