Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet Mark. - Mega Volume Next Day Spray

I seen ad's for this product, promising me fresh hair between washings, removing oils and build up. I don't have even moderately oily hair, but I do find it harder to style a few days after washing. I thought I'd give it a try, not just for me, but for my fiance (he's Italian, his hair gets super oily within hours of washing). At a low price of $7, I figure hey, what do I have to loose?

I didn't wash my hair for 3 days, to try and get the best effect possible. The smell was great, like I just came from the salon. But I was sad to see that my hair looked the exact same as before. I was slightly disappointed, as I've never had a bad review or product from Mark. (Avon). So then I attacked the fiance. His hair was quite oily and unwashed at this point. I sprayed the roots, hoping for immediate resaults. Nothing, just wet hair.

A few hours later, he mentioned "hey look, my hair is oil free!".

In the end, I am quite pleased to say this product works amazingly. If you don't have oily hair, don't waste the money. If your one of those people who can't go a day without washing your hair because of oily it is, and don't have time for a shower, I highly recommend this product! You'll have clean appearing hair, and it'll smell great!

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