Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lancome Bi-Facil Make Up Remover - Empty Bottle Review!

I first used this when I received a sampler bottle of it, in a free Lancome gift set. I've always had a hard time getting off my mascara, and went through many brands til this one. Pond's, L'Oreal, Clean & Clear, Avon, Clinique.. the list goes on. I was amazed how in seconds my mascara came off! It feels a bit oily, but doesn't irritate the skin or eyes. Although, I do wash my face afterwards, to that doesn't really matter. There isn't whole lot I can say about an eye make-up remover, except that it works in seconds. I've spent 5+ mins getting off mascara, I like getting the job done quick.

This is priced rather high, at $34 CAD. To be fair, I have thrown out over $60 worth of removers because they didn't work, so it's worth it. As you can see below, I spared no time. When my bottle was empty, I ran out and got another right away. As well, that small bottle lasted almost a year, I assume this big bottle should last a few.


  1. Great review AV! I can't believe how long it lasted you - it's well worth the investment x

  2. Thanks! It's such a great product!


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