Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Updates, P10P, YouTube Channel, I'm having a give away, and why I disappeared for a week.

Hey! So I haven't blogged much lately, and have a huge pile of stuff to catch up on. My daughter had been sick for a while, then I got sick, then I got an ear infection... It was never ending. Luckily, we're all doing better, and I can update you guys on some things to look forward to.

GIVEAWAY!! Excited? I am. So far, I have 3-4 things. It's going to be held as soon as I've reached 25 followers. It's going to be small, but a giveaway non the less. I've had 9 new followers this month alone, so it should be soon.

I also started a YouTube channel, mostly for hauls, and I'll do some tutorials once I get the lighting and angles right. My first video is terrible, bad lighting, bad angle, I look crappy... but it's a start. So be nice! Here's the link to my YouTube! (click youtube!)

I've also been inspired to do a project 10 pan (P10P) by everyone (using up 10 products completely before I can buy ANYTHING!). This should let me save up for some new apartment furnishings (we're moving really soon!) and a HUGE order of entire lines from Illamasqua!

Anyways, I'll be back to reviewing quite soon! Probably tomorrow :) I'll also have a new YouTube video up tomorrow.

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