Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superstore nail polish haul! Joe and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

I was actually just there to buy milk, but couldn't resist peaking at the make-up area. I found lots of goodies, but best of all, nailpolish on sale! Don't mind my messy application pictures, I didn't want to spend forever perfecting 7 different colours.

As you can see, the Joe is 3 different shades of red. This came together, and was on sale for $2.50 for all 3, such a great deal!! The shades are Sweet Tart (meduim red with a bit of sparkle), Wine (solid semi-dark red), and Cherry (solid medium red). These are my first Joe polishes (I've never used anything aside from their brushes). Wine and Cherry have amazing pigment and only required one coat, as where Sweet Tart needed 2-3.

As you can see, the Wine and Cherry were almost the same colours. Again, excuse my messyness, I wanted to hurry and get this posted with out being all fancy about 7 new polishes.

As I was walking back out of the store, I seen that Sally Hansen Hards as Nails Extreme Wear was on sale. I purchased one of these about a month ago, and love it, so I got four more. I really dig these sparkly ones as well!

These colours are killer! You can't tell very much in this photo, but the pink has the same shimmer like the blue and green. I almost forgot to tell you what colours these were too! From left to right: Marine Scene, Rockstar Pink, Ivy League and Twisted Pink.

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