Tuesday, February 8, 2011

L'Oreal Paris Part I - Wear Infinite Eyeshadows Review

I've been quite dedicated to L'Oreal eyeshadows for quite a long time. They have a large range of different shadows. I have found these all to be quite long wearing and non-creasing, especially when used with primer. I also use the HiP, but I'll put those in a seperate review.

Perle and Rich
They are all so very blend-able and silky. Perle are very shiny, as the rich are a deeper matte with soft shine, great for contour. I have Reflecting Pool (light blue with silver) and Glistening Sea (light teal) in Perle. Glistening Sea is one of my favorite shadows, it has such a gorgeous shine and pigment. As for the Rich, I have tried Plum Royale. They also sell quads ($8.99), I have tried both "for brown eyes in summer dusk" and "smokey eye". I have had no problems with the packaging, you get quite a long in the compact. I have also never had any hardening of the shadow. I found the Rich to be much more pigmented.

(above/below: Perle in Glistening Sea, Perle in Reflecting Pool, Rich in Plum Royale)

These are very creamy as well, and very silky, quite like the shadow's above. I found them just a bit thicker than the normal Infinite's. These are very metallic, and very "holographic". I found them to be a loss pigmented then the one's above, but still quite colourful. I have Crown Jewel (purple), Royal Sapphire (blue), King's Ransom (gold) and Princess Jade (green). I found the Royal Sapphire to be the most interesting, it had the most "holographic" look to it. The Crown Jewel was quite a nice colour as well.

(above/below: Holographic in Princess Jade, Crown Jewel, Royal Sapphine and King's Ransom)

I haven't really purchased many of these, and the "for brown eyes" in Summer Dusk was a gift. I have green eyes, but still like the neutral look. I don't like all the colours in this palette either. The 1st colour is great. It's a champagne colour, very shimmery and very silky, easy to apply. I found the other 3 a bit more matte, and harder to apply, but still creamy and silky. The silver/black quad in Smokey Eye I purchased after breaking my favorite smoke eye palette. I do not like these colours one bit. The 2nd silver is okay, but the rest aren't very good. I preffer a bit of shimmer in my black when doing a smokey eye, and these have never to none. They also aren't creamy and silky to apply, but very hard, and make it impossible to apply thick and pigmented.

(Above: Smokey Eye)
(Above: For Brown Eyes in Summer Dusk)

Overall, I highly recommend the Perle, Rich and Holographic's. I have a hard time finding new ones, but would completely love to try more from the brand. I'm not a fan of the quad's however, and would definitely skip any like the Smokey Eye, as they are powdery and hard.

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