Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dawn by Sarah Jessica Parker

I was at Shopper's today picking up some stuff, and noticed this on the $17.99 rack. I had a sample last year in my sampler box, but chose the Viva La Juicy. I've been meaning to get this, but there's always such a huge list of scent's I want!

This is from the Lovely Collection (Dawn, Endless and Twilight). Dawn is a very soft floral with hints of citrus cocktail, violet leaves, angelica, orchid, vanilla, orris, oakmoss, etiver and translucent musk. It's by far my favorite scent from the collection, and one of my all time favorite scents. I find it smells like a lighter version of Stella by Stella McCartney. I personally prefer the softer scents more so than over powering musky scents. It's the softest scent from the collection, which is why I'm more drawn to it then Endless or Twilight.

The bottle has a very gorgeous floral pattern on the back, which is visable as it's a transparent bottle. It's very cute packaging!

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