Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm clearly a shoe-aholic

Okay, so I really need to calm down on shoes. Not forever, just until we move again, because there's nowhere to put them anymore. Halloween I bought every pair at Spencer's. Two pairs of patent leather boots, two pairs of sexy black leather boots with buckles, 4 pairs of mary janes, plain black heels, heels with brass knuckles on them, thigh high dom boots, pair of gold heel gladiators.. I think that was all? Then boxing day I bought flats and runner's. Last week I got new pairs of heels, yesterday I got another two pairs. 4 months, and like 20 new pairs of shoes. It's getting out of control.

Well, here's my 4 I've purchased in the last week or so. The two on the left are both from Urban Behavior, $9.99 CAD each. The two on the right are from Aldo, $25 and $34 each. All four were sale prices.


  1. I need to find me some nude heels! They are always so cute :D

  2. I love my nude ones! They were such a steal for $25 CAD, regular $75! I've been wearing them all time, they look so sexy with jeans!


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