Tuesday, February 8, 2011

L'Oreal Paris Part II - HiP (High Intensity Pigments) Bright Shadow Duo

I have enough L'Oreal Eyeshadow that this had to be a two part review! In the last post, I reviewed quite a few of the Infinite's, like Rich, Perle, Holographic and a few quads. This post I'll be talking about 4 different HiP duo's I have used.

HiP High Intensity Pigments Duo
I originally purchased these looking for a yellow, and slowly ended up with 4. The name says it all, intense pigments! There are a few different styles of shadows that you can get in the compact, matte, metallic, sheer, shimmery. The two colours you get also go great together, which I find a problem with most duo's or quad's (sometimes the colours are terrible together). I have Forgiving (dark metallic brown/dark shimmery blue), Brazen (matte pink/matte brown), Flamboyant (super shiny yellow gold/matte purple), and Flashy (sparkly cream/shimmery teal). I used to love the pink in Brazen, as it has a super high pigment. My favorite right now would have to be Flashy, as I'm addicted to the high pigment shimmery teal. The purple from Flamboyant is also a complete dupe of MAC Purple Haze.
(above/below: HiP in Brazen, Forgiving, Flamboyant and Flashy)

I also love the packaging, with a mirror compartment on the bottom, along with a spot for the foam brush. Below is a shot of the bottom of the jar.

I really recommend these colors for their great high pigmentation. Considering I have 4, and found a completely dupe of a MAC shadow, it gives me good feelings about the rest of the colours. I'd really like to try Reckless (shimmery purple/matte purple), Riotous (shimmery lime green/matte grey), Showy (shimmery blue/dark matte blue), and a few of the new metallic duo's.

To see the full listenings of all the great HiP Duo's, visit the website here:

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