Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2010 Favorites

Okay, I know I'm a little late with this trend, but I HAVE to. These are my favorites!

1) Best Products for $1
Your hearing that right. My local Dollarama carrie
s Bumpit's! I was impressed, I bought them in every colour.

E.L.F Cosmetic Brushes I managed to find about 5 different brushes, even big powder and blush brushes for $1!

2) Best Eye Shadow Products

I used these religiously all year, and they were all new additions to the collection last year. Funny story, the Milani Eyes palette was busted by my daughter, and she opened it and got black EVERYWHERE. I just noticed this picture was taken on that exact spot of my floor.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in Vega
s Strip is one of my most used things. I use it for neutral looks, gold looks, even to contour certain looks. It's my favorite eyeshadow ever!

Milani Runway Eyes in Backstage Basics became a favorite very fast with me. I always wore the black/silver smokey eye to the bar, so fi
nding this palette just rocked! Sadly it broke, and every time I go to purchase a new one, it's sold out.

Too Faced Galaxy Glam Baked Eyeshadow in Cocoa Co
met & Magenta Moon were the first "baked" eyeshadow I used, and from there I fell in love. I just love how the different swirls of colour come together to form a gorgeous high shimmer holographic look.

3) Favorite Product Line
At first, I started writing this for my HUGE line of Lancome products I use, but while writing it, I realized I didn't really fall for it in 2010,
I actually fell out of love with lots of the products. This year I discovered how GREAT Physicians Formula is! I use my Shimmer Sticks as eyeshadow, never has a bronzer. The Bronze Booster in Fair to Light is also the first bronzer I've found that wasn't too dark and heavy for my light skin tones. The 2 in 1 also goes great together, and there's no harshness or caking from having to apply them seperately. Over all, I love this brand! Everything was $19.99, a little pricey, but absolutely great! I can't wait to get more from this brand!

4) Favorite Lip Products

There's a lot of products here, and all I can th
ink is "I wish all the glosses I lost were here". Yupp, I had about 5 other lip products I called favorites. I've always been a DuWop lover, more so I've always used Lip Venom. I was pumped when the tinted Twilight one came out, and was super impressed by the Reverse LipLiner. The dark red lipstick is Adrenaline by Annabelle, the pink is.. I don't know, the name has rubbed off. I do believe it's really old, and MAC. I also had sparkling lips thanks to Lise Watier Plumpissimp Corail, Bourjois Paris Effet 3D Max in Rose Gold, and all my little Sephora Shimmer lipgloss'.

5) Favorite Rediscovered Products

Covergirl products!! I got LashBlast mascara to check out the hype last year, and was all "wow, Covergirl is pretty good", so I went through the drawers and pulled out some old gems. This blush is fantastic! I love the multi coloured in 1, as you get more definition I find. I also don't know why I EVER gave up on this neutral quad, it's perfect (coffee, mink, barely beige and mocha - back when quads didn't have one single name!). I found a bunch of Bonnebelle eye pencils, and realized they have TONS of pigment! This Colour Mousse by Rimmel is also a fantastic colour (Splash), and brought me back to my love for teals and greens.

6) Least Used Products

I don't have a photo, but there wasn't very many products I bought and didn't use. There was TONS I already had and didn't use. Bright and high pigmented colour, as well as colour eye pencil's went unused for a long time. I also bought a lot of Milani singles, and didn't have a chance to use them. I also 100% gave up on concealers.

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