Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Marcelle - Lux Metallic Liquid Eyeliner

I was strolling around the store and noticed a new brand to the store - Marcelle! There was a lot of skin products and very little make-up, but I managed to pick up the whole Metallic eyeliner line. They were $12.99 each. They come in 4 colours, Ultraviolet, Jade, Aqua and Cobalt Blue. Amazing sparkle and glimmer, I love high glitter products! Along with glitter, they have a matching semi-translucent base colour, which is great as they can be worn with or without another base liner. I found that with a double application, they are not very translucent, and become intensely glittlery (in a good way!). They took quite a few minutes to dry, as do most glitter's, but had impressive hold. I absolutely love the thin applicator as well, I find them more controllable, as well gives you the choice of thin or thick application.

They also sold the Diamond liner's as well, which were liquids, but just a sheer gold and silver glitter, but I have far too many of those already.

My camera was being a jerk, and really didn't want to focus. As you can see, I'm posting the swatches backwards from the order above. Oh well. Cobalt blue seemed to be more purple as well, but was very pigmented, as well as Jade. I love the transparency of Aqua as well!

I definitely recomment trying out the Metallic line!!

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