Friday, November 5, 2010

October Reviews

I wasn't make-up crazy at all in October. Here's some stuff I got, and if I liked it or not.

Some things I liked:

Caryl Baker Brow Powder, but as soon my eyebrows started to grow out (I suck at plucking, so I just wax them every few weeks) it looked silly. It also sucks that since I started dying blonde it's hard to have dark eyebrows.

e.l.f. brushes, Crease, Total Coverage and Bronzer brush. I really don't like the crease brush, but I really like the Total Coverage and Bronzer brush, I use them almost everyday now.

Joico K-Pak Conditioner and Intense Hydrator (I already used the Shampoo and Deep-Penetrating Re-constructor). I'm crazy and use all 4 at once, and my hair is amazing after! I bleach and dye it blonde, and it hasn't gotten lots of breaks or even changed really.

Some things I didn't like:
Rusk Biofoam Extreme Texture and Root Lifter. I haven't really noticed anything better about it then any other voluminous mousse, actually, it didn't really do anything for lift or volume.

Big Sexy Hair Big Shine Spray, which was terrible, it just make my hair greasy. I haven't used it while my hairs been curly, just straight. But it made me look like a grease ball.

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