Wednesday, November 3, 2010

September Favorites

So since before I re-did my blog, I wanted to do a month's favorite list because they kind of rock. So, since I just re-started, and it's the ending of a month, I'm going to do one for October! It is going to be long, since Fall is keeping a summer glow and being bronzed up, so I used a lot of different things, as well as I discovered lots of new things this month!!

Clean and Clear Morning Burst - Facial Scrub, Facial Cleanser and Make-up Dissolving Foaming Cleanser - $8 CAD each - I starting using these after I ran out of Lancome Creme Radiance last month, and I don't mind it. I didn't really like the Facial Cleanser, but the Facial Scrub was awesome! I also don't find the Make-up Dissolving Foaming Cleanser a good make-up remover, I will be going back to Lancome Bi-Facil.

Bath and Body Works - Wild Honeysuckle Body Lotion - $12 USD - My mom won two big baskets of Bath and Body Works, and she doesn't like strong scents, so she gave me quite a lot of stuff. I was using the Butterfly Flower Body Lotion for a long time, but switched to this one last month-ish. I absolutely LOVE this body butter! I absolutely love anything that smells strongly like flowers, especially honeysuckle or lilac. I smell great all day, and am so soft after using this. I love crawling into bed after rubbing it on, the smell is so smoothing!!

Dove Energy Glow Face Moisturizer - $8 CAD - My face doesn't get as tan as my shoulders and back, so when summer's over I like to keep the tiniest amount of tan I get (it's such a little tan, it's shameful). I like this stuff because it keeps my face a little browner and glowy when summer ends, and is a great moisturizer, especially for the price.

Kaaral Dazzling Perfectly Straitening Cream - $17.95 CAD - Best straigtening balm I've ever used, been using it for years, I recommend it to everyone!!

CoverFX Matte FX Oil Absorbing Powder - Medium - $32 CAD - This powder is much darker than my face, so it keeps it looking a bit darker after I loose colour. It seems a bit thick, but not cakey at all. It wasn't shiney or oily, in fact my face looked amazing all day. I used to only wear this out to bars/anywhere darker, but since summer I wear it all the time. I do warn that the Medium is extremely dark. Once my tan is gone I'll need a new colour.

Physicians Formula Bronze Booster - Fair to Light - $17.99 CAD - I usually can't use bronzer, but this is the lightest one I've ever found, and it isn't overly sparkly.

My eyeshadow routine I've been mostly doing every day was Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips - Vegas Strip ($17.99) on my brow bone, crease and lid. I have also been going over the crease and outer corner with a darker gold with purple in it, Maybelline Expertwear Eye Shadow High Pearls - Sparkling Wine ($7 CAD). I really dig the gold with the golden purple on the crease and outer corner. I always use Dior Show StyleLiner ($35 CAD) on my lids, Lancome Le Crayon Khol ($26 CAD), and as of this summer Covergirl LashBlast ($9 CAD).

Last new thing of the month, before I died my hair blonde, I tinted my eyebrows. Now that I'm blonde, I can't, so I fill them in. I've been using Caryl Baker Brow Blend a lot, and I do really like it, as it comes with 3 shades, but I'm curious about tinted gels, so I may switch soon!

I think that's it cosmetic-ly? Yupp! So this last month I've been addicted to two things, my red tulle coat from WetSeal and my black boots by Bear Paw (totally the new Uggs). I'm also in love with my grey draped cardigan from Stitches! I've also been in love with white dress shirts (they look a lot like chef shirts, or maybe that's just my opinion. Also got one in blue), waiste belts (I bought 3, leather western style, stretchy with zipper, and one that does up in the back with chains on the front), lacey tights and pencil skirts!

Other things I'm addicted to for September, the show Sons Of Anarchy and the band Florence + the Machine.

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