Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sephora Haul - Reviews

This is a very old haul, which I'm going to write new reviews for, since I've used them all up by now (well, some of it) and have a better .. outlook? Anyways, enjoy!!

SEPHORA COLLECTION Super Shimmer Lip Gloss Set $18 CAD- These were great! It came with a set of ten, Gold & Glow, Sugar Cookie, Sugar Coat, Sugar & Spice, Silver Fever, Precious Pink, Apricot Souffle, Pink-O-Lada, Forever Pink, and Think Pink. They all were either slightly sparkly or super sparkly. They all smelt like cola or fruit, they are super tasty and don't have any gross taste left behind. Not super sticky either. I really like Sugar & Spice, Precious Pink, Apricot Souffle, and Forever Pink.

SEPHORA COLLECTION FACE Soothing Toner - Dry Skin $5 CAD - I had been using Phytomer before this, and I must say, it works just the same. First off, I love the smell, it's roses!! I've never used one that completely tightened up pores 100%, but it does soften my face, and clear up blemishes and redness. It also does not sting what so ever, and it remarkably removes make up after my 2 step remover process (this makes it the third I use, I'll show you my routines in other posts!)

SEPHORA COLLECTION Plumping Lip Gloss - Pink 2 and Red 5 $5 CAD - Another sale item, I got pink and red. I didn't notice these plump my lips too much, after a few days I went back to my DuWop Lip Venom. I do really like the shiny colour of the pink though. I couldn't recommend these as a plumper, but they make an okay gloss. They are also really runny!

Pop Beauty Lid Neon $13.50 CAD - Another sale item (I can't say no to something on sale). This pallette is beautiful!! It comes with pretty pink, ripe orange, juicy yellow, bright blue, pastel turquoise, apple green. These colours are really bright, and go on very solid. I highly recommend these to anyone into neons. These are matte, and also come with a chart showing you how to apply, so it's great for beginner's as well.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Original $22 CAD - I was a primer virgin before this stuff. I won't use anything else but this, because of how happy I've been about it. I never knew make-up could pop so much, or that it could last all day! Now that I've used up two bottles, I can make such a better review! It's very silky and light. It makes everything pop and makes the colour more brilliant and saturated, makes sparkles sparkle more.. you get the idea. This stuff makes eyeshadow look the way it was meant to. It also helps you keep your make up in place longer, especially if you have oily skin. Sadly, the bottle has a weird shape and I feel as though there's lots stuck in it that I can't get out. It also comes in Sin, which has a gold shimmer to it, which I will be buying very soon!

DuWop Reverse Lip Liner $21 CAD - This is a colourless lip pencil you apply to the outside of your lips which helps plump lips and lock colour in place. I find it does it's job as a lipliner, but the best part is how it wells the edges of your lips, which really helps your lip line pop. Sometimes I still use lipliner for extra dramatic lips, but this stuff is the best!! I have small flat lips, this stuff is my secret to big kissy lips!

Dior Style Liner (Noir Black) $35 - I can honestly say this is by far my favorite liquid eyeliner of all time. I have used Maybeline, Covergirl, NYC, Revlon and an old Clinique from my mom, and nothing even compares to this. The brush is very fine, so you can have a very fine line, or apply more for something dramatic. It goes on perfect, first liquid I ever got on perfect! I don't like sponge or hard applicators, or even the thick brushes, so this one was perfect for that as well. Very deep black, and long wearing. I have slept in this and woken up with nothing but perfect eye liner. I recommend everyone- first timers, or life long users, THIS STUFF IS THE BEST!!

Stella McCartney Stella Eau de Parfum 1OZ $50 - I got a smaller bottle because I have a lot of perfume, but I came across this because I was given a sample from Sephora. This is one of my all time favorite perfumes! The description says it's "the freshness and softness of the rose, and the dark sensuality of amber". I find it smells like your standing in a rose and lilac bush. It's an absolutely beautiful classy scent, but yet very sexy. Everyone always asks me about this scent! I also love that this line is based on ecological and organic cosmetology.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel for Sensitive Skin $39 - I didn't really like this stuff at all. In fact, I used it once. A lot of people said it really improved their skin's smoothness, repaired blemish and scars, and just over all they loved it. I couldn't handle the burning and tingling sensation, and my face wash red for hours. Maybe I'll try it again and see how it goes, for now it's just not something I liked, I went back to my old Lancome wash.

DuWop Prime Venom $20 - I am a 100% DuWop lip addict. I use this stuff about 10 minutes before any lipstick, to condition and plump my lips up. It works really well, and helps keep my lipstick on. I also love how well it conditions the lips, so my lipstick doesn't look cracked or peely if my lips aren't in great condition that day. A lot of people complained about this product, but I don't think they realized it's a primer, not a lipstick.

Well that's it!! I'll take a picture later on today and post it in here. I will give Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel another try and post in a few months! I'm hopefully going to start a videoblog as well (I'll double post for those who want to read it all still!). Out of everything, I suggest you all go try Urban Decay Primer Potion, DuWop Reverse Lip Liner, Dior Styleliner and DuWop Prime Venom!

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