Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beauty Express Haul, more update info!!

So before I get into the goodies, I just want to let you guys know what's coming soon. I really want to get a youtube channel going soon, it seems way more exciting and it should get more attention, plus then I can do tutorials. I will be doing a September favorites list later today (which I will do on the first of every new month) , and soon to come, a list of all the things I didn't like, and how I get my daily routine, complete with pictures. I think I'm going to do something like the "what I like and don't like" every few days. Also, as well as the favorites at the end of the month, I'm going to write up everything I got, and how I liked it.

So today I was applying for a job at Pantorama (interview Thursday!!) and noticed Beauty Express had a big sale. I didn't go too wild, because I get paid again in a few days so I figured I'll just get another shopping spree later this week (plus I have to get my eyebrows done today, so I don't want the bf too think I went wild). Anyways, here's what I got (i'll write the original price, but everything was 50% off):

Brocato Moveable Hold Hairspray $17.00 CAD - I've never used it, or heard of it, but the girl says it good, so I'll try it (I was almost out anyways).

OPI Maintenance Nail Envy $19.95 CAD - I used to have the original nail envy, but someone stole it. Best nail strengthener ever! I used the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength once, and it made my nails so hard the broke. This stuff doesn't over do it though, and helped my nails grow and not break very well. Pumped I got more!!

Too Faced Chocolate Galaxy Glam - Magenta Moon $20.50 - I have never used these swirly multicoloured eyeshadows before, so I had to put it on as soon as I got home!! It looks beautiful! It's pink and brown, but goes on very shimmery golden pink. Definitely going to be using this one a lot, I figured out how to work it into my every day routine already.

Too Faced Starry Eyed Liquid Liner - Restraining Order and Control Freak $20.50 each - I already had the blue one, but picked up the black and pink one today. I loved my blue one, but being such a bright colour I don't use it often. The black sparkles I will use a lot, especially since I now use liquid eyeliner everyday. The pink is really cute too, and goes great with the Galaxy Glam Magenta Moon shadow I bought. These have so much sparkle, I love them!!

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