Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's been a while + holiday Bath & Body Works haul.

So it's been many of months since I made my last post, been busier than hell. First off, we lost our place of residency. But, in better news, me and Kyle got married September 26th. Kyle also started school for Film Production. Santa treated us well - 50" TV, lots of clothes, lots of shoes, mini cupcake baker, Steve Madden bedding, lots of cute video games to play with my daughter, and best of all - 94 items total from Bath & Body and LUSH (I got wonderful Christmas Time from my mom!)

Anyways, I know what you want to see: The haul, lol. I got a massive B&B Works haul, as well as LUSH (grand total of 52 things from LUSH between gifts and boxing day! will post later).

I got the two big Slatkins candles as gifts (Peppermint Marshmellow and Gingerbread), which are two of the best holiday scents ever. I also got a full size Pink Sugarplum body mist (this and Be Enchanted are my current favourite scents) and a mini Secret Wonderland mist. As well, two other little mini's (the midnight pomegrante scents I got are really nice too!).

Then came boxing day, oh goodness. There's way to much to get into detail of each item, so for now I'll just talk about my favorites. I spent a grand total of $79 in there. I got 14 hand soaps, 3 body mists, 2 anti-bacterial hand lotions, 4 pocket bacs, 2 mini lotions, mini body wash, 2 big body washes, 2 big moisturizers and 3 mini slatkins candles. We had 75% off sales, buy 3 get 3 and LOADS of $3 bins.

There was quite a few handsoaps, but I was excited to see the halloween scents on discount - Green Apple and marshmellow are to die for! I also stocked up on my favourite holiday ones - Iced Gingerbread and Ribbon Candy, both make me want to eat my hands after washing! Iced Gingerbread is possibly the best scented soap they have ever released. I also grabbed a bunch of other random ones that were cheap.

I also thought it was a HUGE score to find two of the Vanilla Collection body mists in the $3 bins. The Lemon Citrus from the Vanilla Collection is a big favorite of mine, and they haven't sold it for a while, so finding it was a score.

They also had some new pocket bacs sanitizer scents. I never seen PB&J, Honey Pretzel and Angel Food Cake. All 3 were definitely a great score and smell delicious. Honey Pretzel is by far a new favourite of mine, it's not something I've really smelt in a bath/body product.

The also had mini lotions of the new Escape to the Tropics scent (not currently out yet) for $1. I took a quick smell of them in store, and seem to like Bali Mango the best. I'm really excited for a mist to come out.

I still need to go back, as there's a few things I didn't get that I'd like to - Be Enchanted mist! I'm also glad to see they re-released Black Raspberry Vanilla, it was my favourite mist for a while and I blew through the whole bottle in a summer.

So in total I scored 33 items for $79. Pretty awesome eh? Pretty sure I'm set til next boxing day.. Although I'm sure a few holidays with new scents will bring me into the store again, and my love for body mist. Take care everyone, hope Santa treated you all well, and come back soon for my holiday LUSH haul post!

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