Monday, May 16, 2011

Avon Skin So Soft Satin Glow - Absolute Glow Gel

Shortly before I used this product, I stopped tanning in beds. I know many people who have got skin cancer, and I've become more aware of my skin. I don't spend more time than I should in the sun without sunscreen, nor do I do tanning beds. I'm super pumped about things that give me a natural tan through a cream. One of the first I'll be reviewing is Avon Skin So Soft Satin Glow Absolute Glow Gel.

I do a lot of fake tanning. I am not down with beds at all! I've been using many products as possible to show a tan off! I am very tan, and this is a product I use often on my legs. I do use other products to get a base tan, or barely there tan, but this really does a super good job on the legs!! Not only does this product help stops obvious signs of wrinkles, it stips scenes of stretch marks, as well as cellulite This stuff made my legs darker and shine a ton!! 

In the end, this stuff makes your legs more shiny and glistening than ever!! Highly recommended!!

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