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VFAV Beauty Awards 2011 - Body Care

So here's my 2nd post for my personal awards for products this year. I don't use all of them at once throughout the year, I go in routines so that I know what's working and what isn't. Please check out my last post on Skin Care, and be sure to check out my upcoming Hair Care and Make-Up award section.

Best body wash: I Love … Strawberries and Milkshake Shower Smoothie $9.99 CAD

I had run out of body scrub and sent my husband to go get me more, and he came back with this surprise. I didn't find it to be a 'scrub' the way it describes (that or I'm just used to much heavier scrubs), but I really enjoyed it as my body wash between scrubs. I'm not sure what the little scrub particles are in it, but they are really subtle and better used in a wash than a scrub. But, I enjoyed having a little scrub action between my full out spa scrub. This was the first product I've used by them, and giggled when I seen the "Warning: I am not food, do not swallow me" on the back, until I smelt it. It smells exactly what it's called: strawberry milkshakes. It's absolutely delicious.

Best body scrub: Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish $19.99 CAD
I seen this brand on the shelve and thought "Hmm, these look cute" (which suckers me into a lot of products) and gave it a go. I also seen the words "spa body polish" and figured I had found something good. I was right. The smell wasn't to die for or anything, nor was the colour. But don't let that fool you. It has a very, very rough and heavy scrub (sea salt and sugar). It felt like getting a body peel. As well, the sea salt and sugar doesn't dissolve or disappear while your scrubbing, so a little goes a long way. After getting out of the shower, while drying off, I noticed too things: I had zero dead skin left and I was more moisturised than a oil wrap at the spa. Lots of scrubs this strong dry me out afterwards, but this doesn't at all. You could even skip body cream after using this. It absolutely made me feel like I just had a massive body peel and wrap at the spa. This is a product I'd probably cry over if I didn't see it on shelves anymore.

Best shave: Skintimate Skin Therapy Moisturising Shave Gel $3.99 CAD

I'm not too crazy about using expensive razors, because I tend to through them out after one use to ensure there's no bacteria (an episode of 1000 ways to die helped with that). So I make up for it by using a really good, thick and moisturising shave gel to protect my legs. I really enjoy the scents that Skintimate has, and the thickness. I haven't had any cuts or knicks since switching to this brand either. I always stick to things meant for dry skin as well on my legs, because it's always a random day when dry legs happen - and I like to keep my legs soft and glowy.

Best body cream:  Vasaline Deep Conditioning Cocoa Butter Lotion $3.99 CAD

I actually JUST switched to LUSH Dream Cream in the last week, and I'd love to say it's my new favourite, but this is what I've used religiously for the last year, and it deserves this award. I originally bought it because it was on sale and smelt delicious (I had used the cucumber aloe one in the past and enjoyed it). I generally don't like chocolate or cocoa butter scents, but this one was great. I found it to be very deep conditioning without feeling greasy, and I enjoyed being able to put it on at night and wake up in the morning still soft and moisturised (although that doesn't stop me from lathering a little more on). I also like that it absorbs quick and I'm able to put it on after a shower while still wet. I also use this any time I feel itchy, and it really hits the spot. For the price and great effects, I definitely think this should be a staple for everyone.

Best balm/salve: Mark. The Big Fix 15-in-1 Benefits Balm $10.00 CAD
I used a few salves/balms in the past, many home made, but didn't like the long lasting grease they had. I ordered this from Avon as soon as I seen it was fair trade, as well had some of my favourite ingredients: cocoa butter, olive oil and vanilla. Like everything else from Avon, I used it the second I got it. I've mostly been using it on my elbows, feet and lips. I noticed the biggest improvement on my elbows - it's a dry area I battle with very few product results. I'm not huge on the scent, but it gets the job done. I'm not left feeling greasy and can feel immediate effects on my dry, rough patches. It comes in a really big stick as well, and even though I use it a lot, I feel like I've made barely a dent in the tube.

Best self tanner: Dove Energy Glow Daily Moisturiser and Tanner $8.99 CAD
I'm not sure if this product counts for you, but it's the best I've ever used. I can't use anything that isn't gradual, and given how pale I am, anything too dark just looks fake. I absolutely love the smell of this - it's like actual tanning lotions for sun beds. It's a great moisturiser as well, and immediately gives you a sun kissed glow. I used it every day for about a week, and I could notice a light "tan" that looked natural and gorgeous. It didn't turn me orange and it didn't streak when showering/swimming. I've also had some bad luck in the past with darker, faster tanners and they always streaked, this gradual build is my favourite way to go, and a much more natural look. Plus I love the glow it gives you.

Best sunscreen: Anew Solar Advanace Sunscreen Body SPF30/Face SPF45 $34.99 CAD each

I never really used to wear sunscreen, but the last two summers really taught me a lesson - less than an hour in the sun each time and I had some of the worst burns I ever seen in my life (I also have very fair light skin). I bought a couple different bottles, but was super grossed out by the oily thickness of most of them.  Even though it was nearing the end of summer that this finally came, I was so excited to use it. It was light, had a great fragrance and did what it should - kept me protected. I personally don't have wrinkles anywhere but my under eye nor do I have age spots, so I can't really judge if it helps tighten the body and repair skin. But as I've mentioned before, I'm a firm believer in prevention of wrinkles. The reason I loved this product was because it was light feeling, non-greasy and smelt great. 

Best perfume: Calvin Klein Beauty $89.99 CAD

I usually wear very sweet perfume (like Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson), or florals (like Stella McCartney), and this was one of first 'mature' scents I've ever liked. This scent was to be less seductive and more sophisticated and mature, aimed at an older age audience. I really enjoyed it though, it was a nice change from my cute girly scents. It's weird how something like a scent can make you feel so much different about yourself, like your more grown up or something. It makes you feel fancy without smelling like an old lady.

Best body mist: Sephora Dry Oil Vanilla Cupcake Body Mist $5.00 CAD

I bought this for so many reasons - double acting product, oils, was on sale and CUPCAKE! It was a great purchase, because all those key words played out beautifully. It's not just a spray, it's got very soft oils to moisturise. If your anything like me, you can't get enough moisture and silky skin. It also absorbs quick so you don't have to worry about feeling greasy or staining clothes. I generally don't like smelling like food, but cupcakes are amazing. This had one of the most amazing fragrances I've ever smelt  - vanilla and almond, with hints of cupcakes of course! It's one of the most delicious sprays I've ever come across.

Best nail polish: OPI I Lily Love You $12.99 CAD

I completely fell in love with this sparkle coat the second I seen it. Without an under coat, it's a very subtle pink. The sparkles are really colour changing as well. What really got me is that the sparkles are all different shapes, as well un-even edged (like random flakes). It's like snow flakes with this one - every sparkle is different. I'm quite sure I've never used any one polish as much as this one, every time I do my nails this ends up over top. It just looks great over any thing.

Best hand cream: Nivea Anti-Age Q10Plus Hand Cream $9.99 CAD
I seem to always scoop up these anti-age infused things whenever possible. I seen the commercials and testimonials for this, and really wanted to give it a try. I haven't noticed improvements on hand wrinkles.. but I don't really have any yet. What I did notice is what I always look for in a cream - instant results and long lasting results. As well, a cream that can be put on at night and skin is still soft and moisturised by morning. This cream fulfilled all of that for me. I find it very, very silky without being greasy.

Best hand serum: LUSH Tiny Hands $7.95 CAD
This product almost slipped through my attention, as it was near the massage bars, and given I had 3, I decided to steer clear of that section for a while. I got this as a gift, and immediately gave it a try. The scent wasn't something I can really put my finger on, but I do enjoy it. I absolutely love the way it melts onto hands, and the creamy buttery feel of it. I only use it every few days, but even after a day or two I can still feel it on my hands. It's definitely a deep acting, long lasting moisturiser.

Best bath product: LUSH Dreamtime Bath Melt $5.95 CAD
This was the first of their bath melt I tried, and even now, it's always the one I come back to. The jasmine scent is absolutely relaxing and soothing for the senses. It's also pumped with cocoa butter, and literally makes your bath water feel like silk. I love how moisturising it is because you can hop out of the bath and into bed without worrying about getting dry skin.

Best foot treatment: LUSH Stepping Stone Foot Scrub $3.95 CAD

I'm not a fan of peppermint scented things for my feet, so LUSH was a great find for foot products. It's hard to describe the scent (LUSH describes it as mangoes) but it is absolutely delicious smelling. The first time I used it I was a little iffy, as it was a light scrub and not rough, but after getting out of the shower I noticed clean, exfoliated and moisturised yummy feet! It has sea salt and pumice for scrubbing and Jojoba for moisturising. All you need is a little piece as well for each foot. Another great use is for on your legs to get a really good exfoliation before shaving.

Best foot cream: LUSH Pied De Pepper Foot Cream $16.99 CAD
It's a bit pricey, but worth every penny. I got this in a gift box, and will be sticking with it forever. First off, the smell is amazing - like spices and cocoa. I like a yummy scent on my feet (who wants to rub dirty smelly feet?!), especially something that lasts to keep me fresh all day. It has a slight warming sensation, which is great in the winter. Some people have complained of it staining sheets and feet, but I've had no such problems. Now to where it matters - it's moisturises GREAT! The best is using it before bed and slipping some socks on, by morning your feet will be incredible. It's also great for achy feet - come home, soak, scrub, moisturise and throw some socks on, and your feet are going to love you.

What I learned about my body and products this year:
Never skip a routine body scrub - I personally can't stand drying off and having a single flake of dead skin lingering around. Oils are your friend when used properly. Fake orange tans are out - I don't care what Jersey Shore tells you (not that I ever thought they were in). When starting a new product, always try to keep a minimum on how many products your using, and stick with other things that you've used for a long time while using a new one. Otherwise if you get a rash, you're not going to know which new product caused it. Men are more willing to rub your feet if you've pre-pampered them. Most of all: I am now 100% committed to sparkly nails every day.

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