Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Avon - Advance Techniques Daily Shine Smooth and Shine Capsules

As you probably know by now, I am an Avon Rep. I've tried many products, some fails and some great success'. These smooth and shine caps - on the success list!

I bleach and tone my hair frequently, so I'm always after a product to counter act the damaging effects. I've ordered quite a few hair products now (I'll review more after more use!), and came to love this one.

This comes in a pack of 16 capsules. You twist the ends, and pour it in the hands, rub together and apply to hair. It can be used before or after you've dried your hair - I prefer to use after blow-drying and before straightening/curling.The only damage repair product I've used in the past was Kaaral Triaction Split End Serum. Surprisingly, I find the Daily Shine Caps more beneficial. The first thing I have noticed since using it, is that my hair feels gorgeous, silky and soft. That's unusual for me, as I have very thick and curly hair, when straightened it's hard to achieve that feeling. The second thing I've noticed is the help with frizz. I get killer frizz, very few products help with that. This product however does a bang up job on stopping it! The next plus side to this product is shine - again, something I never get with other products, my hair looks shiny and gorgeous! Lots of products make your hair greasy apon application, but not this one! I usually pay about $3 after my discount, making this the cheapest, and best product I have ever used! I use a few other products every day as well, but this is one that's made a noticeable difference!

This product gives you what it promises: Healthier hair, more shine, less frizz, silky hair... It's a great product! I recommend it to all!

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