Thursday, April 14, 2011

Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Treatment Collection Review

There's always bonus' to being an Avon consultant, like picking up this 5 piece set for $8.99! Just so I don't have to repeat it for everything, these products are unscented!

 Body Lotion: This lotion is very runny and sticky. I prefer much thicker lotions. Being for extra dry skin, I wasn't very impressed. It seemed to be to be a basic lotion with nothing too special to offer. I find a few hours after application I feel dry again. I also don't like the sticky, tacky feeling of it.

Extra Strength Cream: Now this is a cream for me! With a much thicker consistency, it was easier to apply. I can apply this before bed and wake up moisturized still! It's for extra dry skin, but great for a good, deep moisturizing. I especially like it before bed, you can skin lotion in the morning. Another great thing, it's been helping the spot of eczeme on my shoulder so well!

Hand Cream: I'm actually on my 3rd bottle of this! I find it has a consistency like Vasoline, but non-greasy and smooth. It definitely leaves hands moisturized and feeling silky. What I love most, is that unlike some hand creams, you don't feel dry a few hours later. It does however take quite a while to fully absorb, but I personally love the feeling like I just put it on.

Lip Ointment SPF 15: First of all, I LOVE SPF lip anything! I found this to have a consistency like the hand cream, quite a like Vasoline. It's very slick and greasy feeling, but works so incredibly! My lips were very, very dry before using this, and are gorgeous now! I love putting it on a few hours before lipstick, because it gives me gorgeous lips, and acts quite like a primer as it lasts a long, long time. Also, hair doesn't stick to it!

Moisturizing Lip Treatment SPF 15: This product worked mildly okay, but was basically just a stick version of the above lip ointment, just not as long lasting or good. Felt the same, didn't stick, just didn't work as well.

Over all, I will be buying the Extra Strength Creme, Hand Cream and Lip Ointment again for sure. I do however think the Body Lotion and Lip Treatment stick are a waste of money, much better products out there, even in this line!


  1. I'm currently using the Extra Strength Cream and as much as I love the thick texture, it doesn't seem moisturized enough for me, and it didn't really help my eczema. It's almost empty though, will have to choose a replacment!

  2. Have you tried anything from the Vasoline line? The Cocoa Butter body butter and cream is really good, same with the Aloe Fresh body lotion.

    Another cream that helps my eczema well (my body hates the prescription creams), was the Aveeno Eczema cream.

  3. I'm totally in love with the hand cream for extra dry skin, but I have to say that part of the reason I like it IS the scent. Unscented stuff usually smells kinda ick, but there is a light fragrance to this that is delightful... it's the last ingredient on the list. My husband insisted I buy a big bottle of the lotion for him to take to work because of the smell! :)


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