Wednesday, April 13, 2011

LUSH Butterfly Ball Ballistic

On my last trip to LUSH (which I've been doing almost every two weeks), I was sadly informed that I had JUST missed their Pinata Party, where everyone got to take a wack at Donkey Oaty for a free gift. Luckily, the girls are FABULOUS, and gave me a free surprise gift to take home - Butterfly Ball Ballistic. I was super excited and intrigued, especially over a product that was unavailable for purchase in the store. Being the fantastic mommy I am, I let my 3 year old daughter enjoy it!

From first impressions, I was in love. Half pink, half purple with flowers erupting from it, I couldn't wait to try it out!

 As it floated and fizzed, it filled the whole bathroom with gorgeous scents of jasmine! The more it fizzed, the more cornflower and larkspur petals came out! I also loved the pink and white foam, it reminded me lots of Mrs. Whippy! I had to hop in with her! The flowers and ylang ylang oil left my skin so smooth and hydrated, I just loved the silkiness of the water!

As time passed, the fizzing stopped, and the bubbles cleared, we were left with gorgeous pink water, filled with flowers! As we played around in the water, we found the best little surprise floating around - a sparkly purple butterfly!

This was a fantastic bath bomb that we both enjoyed! From start to finish, it was wonderful and relaxing! I really wish they carried these in the store, but it was a refreshing and more enjoyable experience knowing it was a one time treat! Haylee and I are total LUSH addicts, as soon as she see's me coming home with my big bag, she asks for her "bath eggs".

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