Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Feet are nothing without a pair of pumps.

I feel like I've been letting you down and not filling you in with new shoes!

A months after my wedding my husband bought me knee high black Steve Madden over the knee boots (and my first Coach purse!). I was super excited, especially with winter here. I had also received gift cards to Le Chateau as a wedding gift, and purchased blue suede Jessica Simpson pumps. They are definitely my most prized pumps, and went amazing with my Snow White costume! While searching for Xmas presents online, I found $80 heels for $10, silver strappy heels with metal studs and couldn't resist since I don't have silver shoes. Then for my birthday (January 1st!) my husband gifted me blue suede Apple Bottom ankle booties and gorgeous purple sparkly wedges.

Steve Madden Boots

Coach purse

Jessica Simpson pumps

Fashion Labs heels

Apple Bottom booties

Fashion Labs wedges

Pretty sure my shoe addiction has been well fed as of late. Though we'll see how sales are :)

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